Wyoming Has Changed Me, And I Can’t Thank You Enough

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NOTE: Sloan is a dear friend of our family, and it was an honor when he asked me if he could use this blog as a platform to say thank you and goodbye to Wyoming as he moves forward in his career. Sloan, you will be sorely missed at Sunday dinners. But know that you will always have a home here in Wyoming with us, and a warm meal and a saddled horse ready for you any time you wish. God bless.

Open spaces are hard to come by in a metropolitan area of six million people.

I was not aware of how badly my soul needed open space until I uprooted myself from Washington DC to start a job as a reporter far away at K2TV here in Casper Wyoming.

At first, the open spaces were daunting.

They presented a silence and a solitude that laid bare the carousel of racing thoughts and ambitions still reeling in my head from the hustle in a big city.

But then something changed.

The silence and solitude brought that carousel to a stop; its repetitive melodies of self-doubt hushed, and its flashing lights of comparison dimmed.

The moment I was able to close my eyes and hear nothing but the rustling wind over a July prairie was the moment I knew that this place was in the process of transforming me.

The transformation was slow and even unnoticed at times, experiences serving as reminders that this unique place can heal and change a person.

Moments became markers; a drive down a backroad, a smile and nod from a complete stranger, a new town, a first rodeo, a campsite under a symphony of stars, a handshake from a loyal viewer, a dinner with a loving family, a snowmobile adventure, complete silence.

Those moments, and multitudes more, proved to a reluctant convert that there is value to life outside of a hustle for success.

For 27 years it was easily overlooked by this coastal creature.

As the Code of the West puts it ‘some things are not for sale.’

As a reporter, these experiences have been invaluable.

Policy, economics and culture mean nothing without the individuals who are impacted. You have opened your businesses and homes for me to glimpse and share a snapshot of Wyoming’s intricate and rich story.

To work with and for Wyoming as an anchor at K2TV over the past three years has been more than a privilege.

Covering stories from the hallways of the state capitol in Cheyenne to the peaks of the Grand Teton Mountains and everywhere in between has been one of the great joys of my life. Not only have you trusted me, but you have welcomed me, an outsider, to share in the unique and beautiful culture that you have built on the plains of the untamed West.

You have taught me what it means to be present, to shape the moment and location in existence right now, not in a far-off place or well into the future. You have also taught me what it means to be proud of home.

Wyoming contains within itself beauty and purpose enough to instill generations with a way-of-life that is found in few other places.

wyoming sky

I am humbled and heartbroken to leave this place.

I could not imagine when I first passed the ‘Welcome to Wyoming’ sign in my brand-new Wrangler, that you would accept me and take pride in sewing my story into yours.

Your leaders have shared with me your hopes and dreams.

Your laborers have taught me what it means to take pride in my work.

Your families have saved a seat for me at your tables.

I have tried my best over the past three years to share those stories.

With the amazing team at K2TV, we have worked every day to reflect a little piece of the intricate tapestry of Wyoming’s story back to you. I hope to continue reflecting Wyoming’s story as I follow this journey of life.

You have changed me, and I cannot thank you enough.

So, as I drive off in my Jeep with a ‘307’ sticker boldly plastered on the back, I will be thinking of every moment you shared with me and the Wyoming way which has been branded on my soul.

sloan in wyoming

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15 thoughts on "Wyoming Has Changed Me, And I Can’t Thank You Enough"

  1. Char Hassler says:

    you will be missed

  2. Mary Peirce Climer wyclimermary@ya says:

    We will miss you and you will continue to go forward in ur career. Best of luck to u and all ur endeavors. You have meant a great deal to Casper and the state of Wy.

  3. Mary Peirce Climer says:

    We will miss you and you will continue to go forward in ur career. Best of luck to u and all ur endeavors. You have meant a great deal to Casper and the state of Wy.

  4. Dana Howie says:

    Damn, Sloan, I am sorry to see you go. Anyone who could handle Dallas and Frank, and keep them in civil discourse, really has the touch!

  5. Pa says:

    As the saying goes, “Sad for me, glad for you.” I know at least one Wyoming family that will look forward to your return visits.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Sloan you’ll be missed, your talent and knowledge for what you do is unmatched.
    I had know Idea you were leaving but I would like to wish you much success in you new adventure
    Thank you for all you’ve done.

  7. Danelle Johnson says:

    Best to you! Your professionalism will be missed!

  8. Charley Dickey says:

    A monumental farewell! WY is better place than it was when you came, because you made it so!

  9. Kerri Martin says:

    Great picture. Best wishes in all Your adventures. Thanks for being one of the best “news anchors” we’ve had in a long time. You will be greatly missed

  10. J McCoy says:

    Oh, I will miss you!It is obvious you truly care for Wyoming and the people through your grace in reporting. You remind me of the reporters on KTWO when I was a kid, reporting and not opining.

  11. David Manchester says:

    One of the best news anchors I have had the honor to watch. Sloan is the very definition of a “professional” and I for one will miss hearing his dulcet tones on K-2!!! All the best to you in your future endeavors!

  12. Kristie Frericks says:

    Sloan, I am so impressed at how hard you’ve worked. Good luck at your next gig.

  13. Dolores Cardenas says:

    I was so saddened you left. I saw another person in your place and I said “where’s Sloan Dicky”” anyway good luck and God bless wherever you go. Come back and visit every now and then. You did a wonderful job on my grandson Matthew Gomez when he got hurt in Cancun, Mexico. Thank you!!!! Don’t go for the silver, you go for the gold. Sad but good luck again.

  14. Sally and Jim Belcher says:

    Dear Sloan,

    We opened the newspaper this morning and were emotionally devastated by your news of leaving Casper. It’s like a family member is gone. We watched you every night before turning out the lights

    You are a great reporter and more importantly a solid human being. We wish you the best and would love to know where you’re going. Your final piece was beautiful.

    With love and respect,
    Sally and Jim Belcher

  15. Bruce Cartwright says:

    You’re a good hand Sloan and will be missed…. thanks for sharing your adventure and extending this note. Best of luck in the future.

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