Winter 2015 Fashion Do and Don’ts

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I hate to say I told you so, but the ladies of PWIH were once again right on target with our Fall Fashion Dos and Don’ts. You can’t walk through the mall or pick up a magazine (for those of us who still like to turn pages) without seeing olive green military pieces or fringe. Now our winter edition is always a bit trickier than fall because I spend a big chunk of my time in Texas and Prairie Wife lives in the frigid mountains of Wyoming, so our  need to layer and embrace heavier fabrics varies. But keeping the regional differences in mind, let’s tackle this season’s trends.
winter whiteWhite
Texas Two Steppin’: This is the first time we are considering a color as a trend, but if it is good enough for Harpers Bazaar, it is good enough for us! Nearly every article I read says that we need to get over our mothers’ and grandmothers’ mantras that you can’t wear white after Labor Day. We’re not talking about wearing a white oxford shirt or winter white, a.k.a. off white, cream or antique white. We’re talking being comfortable enough in our fabulousness to wear bright white jeans with a white tank top, chambray button down, cool scarf, navy blazer and brown leather boots (stop by my Pinterest board for inspiration). It’s putting a long sweater over a white T-shirt dress paired with a pair of leggings and booties. I think this trend is a DO if the fabrics don’t scream summer (like eyelet) and you aren’t wearing sandals (especially flip flops). However I DON’T think head-to-toe white works unless you are a style blogger or hangout with the hippest hipsters ever.
Prairie Wife: As a mother of five young children any white clothing is almost always a fashion DON’T. Perhaps in 20 years when the last Cowkid is out of the house I’ll be ready. I have never ever owned a pair of white pants, and each year I find myself buying at least two or three white t shirts and tanks to replace my stained ones from the last year. This trend looks fabulous in the magazines but it’s just not practical for this mama!
tie neck blouseNeck-tie Blouse 
Texas Two Steppin’: It seems like it has only been a few years since this style was popular, so hopefully you still have one or two of these hanging in your closet. They are super versatile; they give jeans some polish and with a basic pencil skirt and little cardi you have a 1940s “sexy secretary” look going on. If you want to be a bit more modern, try this DO in a print with a pair of straight or wide-leg pants and booties. One caveat–if you are curvy/busty you may want to pass on this trend or try it on before you buy! The tie is a major DON’T if it doesn’t lie flat.
Prairie Wife: I had to pause for a moment with this trend. When I first thought about it I immediately thought of Dolly Parton in the movie 9-5…and the not so great power work wear of the 80’s. Blah shades of mauve and taupe and shoulder pads filled my mind. But if you take a look at today’s twist on this style you’ll see why I’ve decided to declare this trend a DO! Bold colors and luxe fabrics (minus the shoulder pads) elevate these blouses to a new level of cool. As Texas Two Steppin’ said you can easily dress it up or down, and how chic would a black neck tie blouse with distressed jeans, strappy sexy heels, and silver accessories look at your next holiday party?
peplum skirtPeplum Hem Skirt
Texas Two Steppin’: I guess I am going retro or feeling nostalgic for the mid-90s because I think this look is a DO! I call it a trumpet skirt, but no matter what the name the look is good. I have been wearing a knit one I bought from Express for at least 15 years and I always get compliments. It is all about proportions, and somehow the hem minimizes thighs and emphasizes your calves. Trust me, unlike the blouse, anyone can wear this look.
Prairie Wife: I’m going to have to disagree with Texas Two Steppin’ on this one, for me they’re a DON’T. I get her point about proportions but I just feel like when people wear these they walk a bit funny, like penguins. Unlike a pencil skirt with a slit that allows you to move freely, these are a tad restrictive. I just hate skirts that inhibit my ability to take long strides!
Texas Two Steppin’: The boho trend is still hot, and the western inspired poncho is the winter version of this summer’s kimono rage. Now when I am talking poncho, which I feel is a DON’T, I am talking about the shapeless, stick your head through a hole in yards of scratchy fabric, I totally just gave up and threw this on poncho. I like blanket/robe cotes or belted blanket scarves, but the traditional ponchos have got to go.
Prairie Wife: Lol I think that the differences in Texas Two Steppin’ chic working woman of the office vs. my stay at home mom gig are going to come out yet again! I’m all about a poncho, it’s a DO for me! I think its a great way to quickly look put together while staying warm in the cold winter Wyoming winter. Throw a lush plaid poncho on over a simple white shirt. Add skinny jeans, a cute knit hat and low healed boots and voila, you’re ready to run errands! The updated ponchos are made of softer fabrics, sophisticated color pallets, and are cut in a more flattering way than ponchos of the past. Don’t be scared, try one on!
ball gown skirtPouffy, Pleated Satin Ball Gown Skirts
Texas Two Steppin’: OK, I’m saving the best for last. Nearly every one of us has at least one holiday event that we need to attend in the next month or so, and sometimes a Christmas sweater just won’t do (BTW this is a major DON’T for me!). Granted, if I could wear an Oscar-worthy gown every day I totally would, but the holiday look I DO think you should give a chance is the ball gown skirt. It looks fabulous at either a maxi or midi length, and I would pair it with either a simple button down (maybe pop the collar?) or T-shirt with a statement necklace.
Prairie Wife: While I will most likely never have an even to wear this skirt to, these are still a major DO for me! They are chic and sophisticated as well as timeless and easy to style. I love that you can easily take this skirt and make it your own by picking a bold or demure top and adding accessories that fit your vibe. My favorite style I’ve seen is a sexy high low cut (stop by my Prairie Wife Style board to see the one I’m talking about) it just looks amazing…if only I had a ball to go to…

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3 thoughts on "Winter 2015 Fashion Do and Don’ts"

  1. Bennie says:

    Okay, here goes:
    White – only looks really good if you are a size zero. I see it in NYC and being around so many anorexic people sure they look good in tight white jeans but they look like skeletons naked. I’ll stick to my denim jeans thank you very much.
    Neck-tie blouses – I just bought one last weekend, who knew they’d be in style again, I probably had a few in the 80’s. 😉
    Peplum hem skirt – being a curvy gal nothing straight goes on this body or else i have a bubble butt.
    Poncho? Probably not, again being curvy I think I’d just look BIG and I think the style would annoy me. I kinda prefer normal sleeves.
    Poufy pleated skirt – I don’t go to events where this style is norm but it is pretty. Being curvy I can get away with a little pouf since I have a small waist, it can work as an optical illusion for me.

    1. Texas Two Steppin' says:

      Great feedback, Bennie, and glad someone else is feeling the necktie blouse!

  2. BonitaBlueEyes says:

    I always love your style posts, ladies! Thanks!

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