“What Do I Have To Do In Order To Be Worthy?”

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This Guest Post was Written by Candace of TheraExpressions Meditation

I have sat here in deep contemplation over the years, racking my brain on what makes a person worthy, and I have come up with one specific question that has solidified my need to understand my own worth.

What would I have to do in order to be worthy?

This is what I like to call an “onion” question.

You have to peel back the layers to discover the answer we (you) are searching for.

Let’s start with the basic superficial things many aspire to attain.

The house, the car, the job, the relationship, the business, the family, the education…the list goes on and on.

This is the layer I call “conformity.”

Society has taught us that if we have these things, or at least the image of having them, we somehow have “made it.”

But do these things truly make us worthy?

Let’s go to the next layer.

What if we are a “good person” or a “kind and gentle soul”? Would that make us worthy?

If we donated our time and energy to others in the pursuit of being seen or heard, would that be enough?

Would we then be worthy enough to say that we did something with our life?

If I gave myself to others all the time, would they be forced to see my worth?

Let’s go to the next layer of the onion.

If I build the right connections, friendships, and relationships, I will surely be worthy, right?

If my life looks like a Pinterest dream and I have made all the right connections with all the “right” people, I will surely feel that sense of worth, wouldn’t I?

Let’s continue going down through this layer for a little bit longer.

What others think of me creates proof of my worth (or lack thereof) right?

If people like me?

If they don’t like me?

If I have a lot of support…or none at all.

My level of support from those around me justifies my worth (or proves I am not worthy), doesn’t it?

Now it’s time for the final layer of the onion, the core.

What is the narrative around the word WORTHY I created in my head?

Most of us have created a definition of “worth” that has forced us to continuously try and do more than is humanly possible to justify our existence and worthiness.

And THEN we spend a lifetime defending a narrative imposed upon us by external and internal forces.

We have made ourselves believe that we must DO something majestic to be worthy.

So, what is the true answer to the question, “What would I have to do in order to be worthy?”

Simply being here makes me, you, us all…worthy.

You are worthy, important, and valued simply by being who you are in this time, moment, and place.

Our worth isn’t the issue.

It’s the narrative that we have defended that’s the issue.

We can do nothing and still have worth.

If you asked yourself, “How many tasks would I have to do to be worthy?” would you ever stop listing them?

If you asked yourself, “How far would I have to go to be worthy?” could you imagine an endpoint?

I believe that taking time to be still, to meditate…to “do nothing” will help you to find peace with who you are.

In these quiet times, you can find a place of contentment, knowing that you have done the best you could at that moment, that situation, that day, and that week.

You can acknowledge and embrace where your life is instead of hoping that your life will be different.

I can acknowledge my role in what I am feeling, and think about how I can move forward.

Doing nothing brings us the answers to everything.

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