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This list was more difficult to compile than I originally thought! I’m a non-fiction-aholic, and I have a hard time reading anything that does not make me feel like I’m becoming a better person or learning something. I’m cool with you thinking I’m nerdy…I kind of am lol! It was not easy to narrow it down to 5, but these ones made the cut. I did my best to make it very well-rounded. I encourage you to read from all perspectives, you do not need to agree with 100 percent of a book in order to take away something that will help you in your journey as a parent. I find reading a wide variety of books makes me a well-rounded, more accepting individual. As always click on the pic to get a direct link to buy the book (many should be able to be found at your local library too). Enjoy!

how to talkHow to Talk So Your Kids Will Listen and Listen So Your Kids Will Talk by Adele Faber and Elaine Mazlish

This is fun read and full of practical advice. You will be likely to see positive changes in behavior if you follow this simple advice. For example, you should not try to reason with a child (or anyone for that matter) when they are emotional. The brain needs empathy in those moments before it is capable of making logical decisions. Very interesting!

bringing up boysBringing Up Boys by Dr. James Dobson

I really recommend this book, even if you do not consider yourself a “conservative.” This book made a profound impression on me. Dr. Dobson will help you understand how boys work, the importance of being involved and active in your child’s life, and communication skills that will work well with your boys. This book changed my perspective on my role as a parent. Dr. Dobson made the point that if you have children, you get your chance NOW. Do your best NOW because this time will be gone and you will never get it back. You will one day have all of your time to yourself again, so get your priorities straight, NOW. I needed to hear that!

100 promises100 Promises to My Baby By Mallika Chopra

Mallika Chopra, daughter of Dr. Depak Chopra, will melt your heart and make you deeply appreciate motherhood in her book, which is almost like a memoir. Chopra inspires you to be intentional with her endearing and timeless list of promises.

superbabySuper Baby: 12 Ways to Give Your Child a Head Start in the First Three Years by Dr. Jenn Bermann

This is a must read if you are pregnant and/or have children under the age of three. It covers everything you could be concerned about in parenting from creating a schedule to environmental concerns. My personal favorite is the chapter on foreign language. I found Dr. Bermann to be a very engaging writer, and I ended the book inspired to talk more to my baby among many other practical things.

the tough kidThe Tough Kid Book: Practical Classroom Management Strategies

Before I decided to stay home and open a preschool, I taught Spanish for 10 years for levels ranging from elementary through college level. (All of this reading as a mother made me a better teacher, and vise versa) I learned about this book through a required professional development training. It was right at the time NiñoZ was diagnosed with ADHD, and it was a God-send. The whole idea is that what works for most kids will never, ever work for the most difficult of children. You have to change your game completely. If you have a child in your life that makes you feel you’ve reached the end of your rope, even if you are not a teacher, you need this book.

Do you have a great parenting book you’d like to recommend? Please comment below and tell our readers about it!

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