The Cowboy’s Elk Hunt 2014

Posted September 27, 2014

The Cowboy and four of his friends headed up for the mountains last Thursday for their yearly Elk Hunt. While we didn’t expect them home until the following Sunday (a 10 day trip) their hunt was so successful that they were back after only a week. They loaded up 15… Read More »

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The Cowboy’s Scouting Trip

Posted August 30, 2014

As August draws to a close a new season begins here in Wyoming…not Fall but…Hunting Season. Those of you who are not “blessed” with husbands who are hunters may be looking puzzled, and those of you who are familiar with the term Hunting Widow (a woman who is abandon by… Read More »

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Sometimes you Have to Prove a Point

Posted December 14, 2013

So, things around the Prairie Homestead have fallen a little behind this week. Between Christmas programs, parties and just the regular craziness of life my house is pretty much trashed. It doesn’t help that rather than being gone all week like usual, The Cowboy has been home every night because… Read More »

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Origins of a Prairie Wife Part 4

Posted November 2, 2013

Being young, full of energy, and more than a little foolish, my buddies and I returned to Frontier Days the following evening. This time, I brought along a few of my girlfriends. I was hoping that the green eyed cowboy would be back, but I didn’t want to ask anyone,… Read More »

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