The Cowboy’s Elk Hunt 2014

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The Cowboy and four of his friends headed up for the mountains last Thursday for their yearly Elk Hunt. While we didn’t expect them home until the following Sunday (a 10 day trip) their hunt was so successful that they were back after only a week. They loaded up 15 horses (with a few Mules mixed in) and hit the road. After a 5 hour drive they spent the first night sleeping at the trail head in the horse trailer. They packed up their horses, saddled up and rode about 24 miles to their camp. Unlike their scouting trip a few weeks ago, the only wildlife they saw were the Elk, Deer, and of course more than a few rodents (one tried to curl up and take a nap with The Cowboy in his bedroll) and birds. All three of the men who were after Elk got one, and because they wanted to keep the meat fresh (if it gets too hot it spoils) they loaded up and headed home as soon as their tags were full. This year I had Ma and Pa at the Prairie Homestead to help out so, I didn’t feel as much like a hunting widow as I usually do! Take a moment and enjoy the beautiful Wyoming scenery.

This is Big Springs and while it is obviously beautiful, what you can’t tell is that it literally just springs forth from the mountain. The Cowboy said it flowed down about 12 feet!

Big Springs

The horses and mules are old pros by now. The Cowboy and his fellow hunters use them to pack in their food and ammo, and to pack out the Elk…and they ride them as well! The metal boxes are called panniers and are used to keep food dry and relatively unbroken. There are a variety of ways to tie panniers to a horse, The Cowboy used the Double Diamond Hitch here.

Horses Packed

The weather was fairly mild and frankly even when it’s not The Cowboy and the other hunters rarely use a tent. For their time in the mountains this is home sweet home!

bed roll

The horses are rewarded for all their hard work with fresh mountain water and lush green grass.

Horses Grazing

As they headed out to look for their Elk the hunters came upon Lake Creek (say it crick) Falls. This was a great spot to get drinking water because of the fast running water, rocks and moss. All of these things act as a natural filter to keep the water clean.

Lake Creek Falls

The Cowboy got his Elk the first day in camp. It was wonderful 6 by 6 and we are so thankful for the meat that will feed our family (and a few neighbors as well) for the next year.

The Cowboy's Elk

One of the best things about Elk Hunting is the views. Fresh mountain air and stunning views are good for the soul. Here is The Cowboy’s friend JohnnyRed enjoying the Wyoming beauty.

Johnny Red

Here is a shot of the hunters getting another Elk brought back to camp. After the Elk is shot they quarter and load it up onto the horses to be brought back to camp.

Getting Elk Out

Stop by next week to read about me earning my newest Prairie Wife Badge-Meat Processing…

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  1. Nikki says:

    Wow… That is soooo cool! My husband would be all about that. He’s been boar hunting in Central California, which halso has great scenery. But that WY countryside is absolutely gorgeous!

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