Trust Your Neighbors but Always Brand Your Calves

Posted June 28, 2014

Around here branding is a community activity, and because The Cowboy knows what he’s doing and is helpful, we usually go to several throughout the year. At this point we don’t have any cows of our own (don’t think The Cowboy isn’t working me towards that) and it’s actually a… Read More »

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Prairie Wife and TallGirlJ in Vegas

Posted March 8, 2014

TallGirlJ and I have been in Vegas together before, several years ago for the NFR…it was an amazingly good time but I have a feeling that this time will be even better. First I am not pregnant, last time I was 16 weeks pregnant with Cowboy W. Second…well really the… Read More »

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Going Yell Free

Posted February 9, 2014

From the moment I found out I was first going to be a mom, I thought to myself, what kind of mom will I be? In my mind I made a list of the mom I wanted to be. A mom that loved, listened and believed in her children, and… Read More »

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Bared To You by Sylvia Day

Posted February 8, 2014

This post was contributed by TallGirlJ If you were a fan of the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy, The Crossfire Series  by Sylvia Day is a must read! If you like romance, drama, and suspense look no further. But beware; this series will suck you in. The male main character… Read More »

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