Spring Anxiety IS A Real Thing! Here’s What To Do If You’re Struggling…

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Are you feeling extra anxious this spring, or is it just your allergies? Spring Anxiety IS A Real Thing…

While the spring season is typically associated with renewal, rebirth, and overall positivity, it can feel confusing and overwhelming when so many of us experience some big emotions like depression and anxiety right as the weather warms up.

In fact, the spring months have the highest suicide rates, year after year.

Spring anxiety and depression is actually common.

But, for many people, seeing spring as the sun-shiny months on TV, social media, and more is cloaking a very serious springtime issue. 

Why can spring feel so difficult for our mental health?

  1. Change is rough! Good or bad, evolution has trained our minds and bodies to see change as a potential threat, triggering feelings of unease and anxiety in the face of anything new. A new season can just as easily bring up these feelings
  2. Major life events. In our culture, we see many MAJOR life changes in the spring season, including graduations, new jobs, and weddings. These major life changes are challenging as many of us have to reinvent ourselves, meet new people, and redefine our day to day. That’s tough for anyone!
  3. Social pressure. As the weather warms up, we may be invited to more barbecues, beach volleyball tournaments, and frisbee tosses. While these activities are fun, many of us have to face a certain level of social anxiety to hang out with people we haven’t seen all winter. 
  4. Sleep changes. Daylight savings and longer days mean our sleep schedules can get seriously messed up. Less sleep, or worse sleep, can have a lasting effect on our mental health.

What are some steps to manage spring anxiety?

  1. Soak in some sun! Take advantage of the better weather and prioritize getting some well-needed vitamin D after a long winter. Take it one step further by trying some grounding exercises outdoors. Try taking off your shoes, feel the earth support your feet, and try breathing exercises. 
  2. Find routine amidst the change. Having some level of consistency throughout the changing spring months can help manage anxiety. Choose a day every week to go to the gym or your favorite coffee shop, and have things on your calendar to look forward to each week.
  3. Sleep. Prioritize sleep. Try setting two alarms, one that tells you to go to bed, and one to wake up. Try to keep this schedule consistent.
  4. Reach out for help when things feel unmanageable! Your anxiety and depression are at a point where everyday activities, duties, and work feels impossible, it’s time to reach out for help. Confiding in a loved one or reaching out to a professional therapist is a fantastic place to start. 


Wyoming Suicide Helpline 988

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 800-273-8255

This post was written by a Charlie Health employee and mental health professional as part of a partnership with PrairieWifeInHeels.com that lasted from August 2021 – May 2022

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