SMILE! My Before and After Pictures From Clear Aligners

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I can’t believe that I’m done with my Invisalign clear aligners already!

Last time I had braces it was over 3 years before I was finished.

This time, with clear braces from Ultra Orthodontics, it was only a few months.

I know you’ve all been waiting for the before and after pictures, so let’s dive right in.

While most people never noticed that my smile was less than perfect, crowding on the bottom and a turned tooth on the top (and bumps on the bottom of my two front teeth) always made me feel a bit self-conscious.

Here is a look at before and after straight on.

You can see that troublesome tooth on the top moved down and straightened quite a bit and the centerline of my two top teeth is back where it belongs…in the center. Dr. Prugh quickly and painlessly shaped my two front teeth for me, something I never knew we could do.

Now for a look at the bottom teeth. The ones that were crowded and at times painful as they kept moving and shifting.

BIG difference right? Not only does it feel more comfortable but it has really changed the overall look of my smile, in a good way.

You can clearly see how my bite has changed in these pictures of my teeth from the side. My bite is obviously more even, and the bottom teeth are no longer crowded and leaning inward.

If you want to know more about the actual process we have several videos up on our Facebook page, or you can read this post.

Now, all I have to do is wear a clear retainer at night. The trays look and feel exactly like the clear aligners I had before, so it’s not an inconvenience at all.

Our partnership with Ultra Orthodontics means that YOU can get a free consult with Dr. Prugh.

That includes pictures, x rays, and a conversation about how they can give you the smile of your dreams. All you have to do is name drop Prairie Wife when you call (307)265-7878 to make your appointment (yes this works for your college-age and teen children as well).

Up next, teeth whitening!

I’ve NEVER had this procedure before and I’m really excited to see the results.

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