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It’s no secret that I love to shop. You can find me visiting boutiques while we travel, shopping at our local shops and small buisnesses, and trying out every subscription box know to man (and woman). I love finding unique items. That being said, with a family of 7 and one income I have to try and be a bit controlled and smart about my spending.

woman on computerWhen I have a specific item in mind I often head over to google and search for it. I try to hit a few different sites to see where I can find the best deal. I’ve even visited coupon sites to look for codes and deals but, frankly I found it frustrating and more often than not, a waste of my time.  I admittedly usually end up using out of ease rather than a better price.

When the people at approached me about reviewing their site I figured it was worth a try. I made sure I sent them a copy of our Prairie Wife Guarantee. Those of you that are familiar with it, know that will only post honest positive (why should you spend your time reading about how much we hate something) reviews. They said they felt Dealspotr was up to our standards and offered me some extra points on my Dealspotr account in exchange for an honest review…So get ready!

dealspotr home pageRight off the bat I was pleased with the ease of navigation of

  • Home page shows all your favorite deals
  • Sidebar with clear categories to choose from
  • Clearly stated deals with pictures and links directly to the sites

When I realized I could create my very own feed I was sold!

  • Add your favorite stores
  • Only see items you are interested in
  • Limit your personalized deals to HOT or see them all
  • Follow your friends with similar Dealspotr preferences

Here’s how it works…

  • Go to and sign up
  • Click a specific category or use the site search engine to find deals and save money

daily checklistDo you want to save money AND make money?

  • Look in the right corner for you daily checklist
  • Pull down the checklist and complete the tasks to earn more points towards gift cards
  • The links and instructions are right there in your checklist, just click them

You can earn even more points by being an active member of the Dealspotr Community.

  • Share great deals that you’ve found on the web (discounts, % off, promo codes, BOGO, or BOGO 1/2 off)
  • Like your fellow Dealspotr’s posts
  • Validate a deal
  • Join a discussion
  • Repost a great deal on your Dealspotr page or Social Media

Here are my thoughts about Dealspotr after using it for almost three weeks…

dealspotr feedI think that this site is definitely worth the time to sign up. Even if you only use DealSpotr for the deals and promo codes it is 100% worth your time. If you want to earn enough points to receive a gift card to your favorite store, you need to be OK with putting some time in. The first time I posted a deal it took me over 5 minutes. To navigate to the deal, copy the link, take a screen shot, save it, and then copy it onto the deal as well as answer their questions is a bit time consuming at first. That being said, it does get easier the more you do it! I understand why they require so much information, it’s the accuracy of their deals that make them worth coming back to.

Good news, there is NO EXPIRATION on your points. If you are able to visit Dealspotr every day and complete your checklist you’ll rack up points quickly. Only have a few minutes, you can just check off one or two items on your list. Super busy at home…no worries just stop by Dealspotr when things settle down and get back to saving AND making money!

Being an active member of the Dealspotr community is a lot like any social media site and it’s well worth your time when you score great deals AND your first gift card!

Stop by and let me know what you think!





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2 thoughts on "Save Money Online Shopping with"

  1. Bennie says:

    Hmm, I just joined to try it out but I didn’t know to click on the ‘button’ on your site to give you credit.

    1. Prairie Wife says:

      don’t worry a bit I’m glad you’ll be using it to get some great deals. Maybe some new décor for your new home 😉

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