Rodan and Fields Lash Enhancement Serum: Boost or Bust? #giveaway

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As you know, we are all about trying the latest beauty trends! While there are some that are epic fails (a certain charcoal mask comes to mind) we’ve also learned about some pretty great products and procedures (microblading eyebrows is a yes).

Rodan and Fields Lash BoostMy big sis Texas Two Steppin’ is a hard core Rodan and Fields fan and when I heard the buzz about their Lash Enhancement Serum on GMA and read about it in several magazines, I gave her a call. Of course she had tried it (and been using it for months) and she raved about her results. Even with her go ahead I was still a bit reluctant to give this product a try. After all, of course her eyelashes looked great, she was already blessed with super thick and long lashes that were the envy of everyone!

While I have long lashes, mine are seriously lacking in the thickness department. So, I called up my Rodan and Fields rep (you can watch Katy hard at work on this video) and had her order me their Lash Boost.

I read the directions and then went to YouTube to make sure I had the process correct. Which makes me feel silly as it’s pretty straight forward but, I was a bit nervous and was overthinking things a bit. Simply get some serum on the thin brush and run it across you top lash line just like you would your eyeliner. I then dip it in again for the other eye. Some people use just one time for both. Word of warning, switch which eye you start with if you do it this way, or you could end up with uneven lashes! I didn’t have any adverse reactions to the serum but, as with all products that go near your eyes, you need to follow the directions and stop use immediately if you notice anything.

I have to admit that at first I was less than consistent. For the first two weeks I  probably only remembered to apply the Lash Boost 4 nights a week. The next two weeks I was up to 5-6 nights and, for the 5th and 6th week, I was in a routine and remembered to apply my Lash Boost every night.

The question on everyone’s mind is “Did it work?”

Alas, I am sorry to say, my big sister was correct yet again! The picture below speaks for itself with my before on top and after on the bottom.

lash boost

My lashes are fuller and longer and it takes me much less mascara to get my regular full lash look. I’ve even begun leaving mascara off on my 5 minute face days!

The results started showing at 4 weeks and 6 weeks was when there was no doubt in my mind that Rodan and Fields Lash serum is a BOOST and not a bust.

I can’t lie, this product is a bit pricey at $150.00. When I asked my sister what happened when she stopped using it she paused and said “No, idea. I’m never going to stop!” I can tell you that after using mine for over 6 weeks there is still a ton of serum left because the amount you use with each application is tiny. My guess is that one tube will last the average person (when only using it on eyelashes not brows too) four months give or take (I can get back to you on that one) which means that you are spending a dollar a day on your lashes…I have to say with my current results I think I’m OK with that!

lash boost giveawayMy lovely Rodan and Fields Consultant Katy has offered to give each reader that orders Lash Boost through her FREE Redefine Eye Cloths (a $32 dollar value). Click this link to head over to her Facebook page and message her “Prairie Wife sent me!” To get started on your order and receive your FREE eye clothes. If you don’t have FB just text the same message to (515)627-8272

Don’t forget to tag me in your before and after pics 😉

What are your thoughts? Is this product a boost or bust?!

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