4 Steps to a Quick and (Almost) Painless Purge

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Every year we do a purge of our entire home. With a special focus on all of the Cowkids’ rooms. If I’m pregnant and nesting, I go even deeper and end up taking it next level and scrub the whole house top to bottom too.

I guess what I’m saying is that around here, we’ve had a lot of practice with a good old-fashioned home purge.

So, I thought I would share my process with you, in the hopes that it may help you and your family.


1. Plan

  • Make a list of the rooms that you want to purge.
  • Schedule days, times, and a deadline.
  • Inform your family of your plan and include them in the process.
  • If some major organization is involved, purchase containers.


2. Gather Up Your Supplies

  • Trash bags for garbage.
  • Containers for giveaway items.
  • New containers for organization (buckets, baskets, large Ziplock bags etc.).
  • Gloves if it might get down and dirty!


3. Get Started

  • Pick your first room.
  • Start in one spot and work your way around the room clockwise (no zig-zagging).
  • Touch everything and immediately put it in its correct space.


clohes on hangers

Having Trouble?
Time to Ask Yourself Some Questions

  • Can I remember the last time someone used this?
  • Does it bring me (or a family member) joy?
  • Will someone else get more use from this?
  • Am I keeping it out of guilt?


4. Finish Strong

  • Don’t stop until you’ve met your goal.
  • Follow through on donating and throwing away items (don’t let them sit in your garage).
  • Reward yourself and your family when you are finished!


family cleaning

Tips For Including the Kids

  • Let them see you purge and talk them through the process.
  • Keep containers clearly labeled (black bags for trash, white bags or boxes for donations).
  • Keep your goals small, like two rooms a day, so they have time to take a break.
  • Reward them at the end for all their help.
  • Include everyone in the family by assigning age-appropriate tasks.


Did I miss anything?!

Are you ready to PURGE?!

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One thought on "4 Steps to a Quick and (Almost) Painless Purge"

  1. Bennie says:

    Thank you for these ideas. Since I am selling my condo (and looking for a new one) I started packing some things this past weekend and purging. I went through my entertainment center and found exercise DVDs, TV show and movie DVDs I never watch (forgot I had them), candles, books, some holiday decorations I never use anymore and started bagging them for Good Will. I took two bags over the weekend.

    I made up a new Pinterest board and started pinning moving ideas to it. So far I’ve gathered saran wrap, garbage bags and have been taking home empty boxes from work.

    Next up is making a list of things to stop like my cable, newspaper, mail and change to home insurance, etc.

    My head is spinning a little with to-do lists, couldn’t fall asleep last night for awhile. I’m going to be purging for the next month and a half – wish me luck! Move out date is 7/25.

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