I LOVE My Lists

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After bringing up lists yet again on a Facebook LIVE post I decided that perhaps it was time to share a bit about my relationship with lists….

I believe that it is best summed up by saying “I LOVE MY LISTS”

This passion began as soon as I could write (or thought I could) and Ma can vouch to finding lists all over my room all the time. From the first little scrawls of a pretend grocery list to a list of “attributes for a perfect husband” I wrote in middle school, I’ve been a hard core list person for as long as I can remember. I use them to reach my big goals, to keep track of my daily to dos, and to keep me focused and feeling in control…

I make lists for a variety of reasons but, if we break it down there are three reasons I make lists.

listsReason 1: I forget everything

Blame it on a severe case of #mombrain caused by a decade of nonstop childbirth and nursing, or just my personal brain chemistry! If I don’t write it down, I absolutely CAN NOT remember it! Something about writing things down seals them into my brain so even if I leave the grocery list behind (told you I forget everything), I usually do pretty well remembering what we need because I wrote it down! Packing for a weekend away for a family of 7 is no small task. I’ve found leaving a “Do Not Forget” list on the counter with all those last minute details (feed animals, sunglasses, allergy medicine, stroller, car snacks) and making sure that everything is checked off before we leave, has saved us a TON of trouble. Even The Cowboy has learned to love all my lists.

Reason 2: If I make a list SH!T gets done

Perhaps it’s the planning aspect of making a list, we’ve all heard the saying… “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail!” But, I find that if I make a list I actually get things done. From a big list like my monthly plan for the blog, to my new daily To Do lists, I seem to be more productive when I make a list. To help me stay focused on my New Year Resolutions, I’ve been making a daily To Do list of the big things that need done (laundry, phone calls to schedule appointments, work deadlines, paying bills etc.) and using it to help stay focused and productive…and to help curb my bad habits. No social media time unless four things are crossed off has become my new rule. Making lists and keeping myself focused with them means SH!T gets done.

beginReason 3: It feels so dang good to cross stuff off

Silly I know, but it feels so good to cross items off my list! The stack of dishes is never ending, and so is cooking and cleaning but, crossing off laundry on my list feels so good even if I know it’ll be back next week. Lots of times things get moved to the next day (or next week) but when I have a killer day and get everything crossed off it’s a high you just can’t beat!

Maybe (like me) you need lists to help you focus on the day to day. Perhaps lists are a way for you to reach a bigger goal. Or it simply be a way for you to keep focused on the positive in your life…whatever it is that you need…a list may just help you get there!

These simple notebooks and planners are my go to for keeping my lists and life organized (my calendar is vital too of course).

If you’re a list person let me know what tips and tricks you have to keep you going!

If you’re not a list person what do you think about becoming one?

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