YOU Pick Prairie Wife of the Week Winner

Posted August 15, 2014 by Prairie Wife -

I am so pleased to announce the winner of our YOU pick Prairie Wife of the Week

you pick heels

Kristine Brickey is a fellow Midwestern girl who currently resides in Michigan with her family. Besides being a wife, mother, and teacher she is the author of Flowers for Rodney.

flowers for Rodney

“Flowers for Rodney  tells the poignantly realistic story of a teenage boy struggling to find himself in a world made bleak by the loss of his father. Addressing the mother-son relationship with a refreshing candidness, author Kristine E. Brickey tackles social issues like drugs, alcohol, peer pressure, bullying, and their affects on teens and parents with a raw and illuminating honesty.”

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Take some time to check out her book and stop on back next week to read her interview!

Congrats Kristine Brickey!

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