Perfect Hair Day?

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I first saw the ad in the Ulta flier, and I thought it had to be too good to be true. It read, “Perfect Hair Day 5-in-1 Styling Treatment (PHD), the pinnacle of Living Proof science, provides a genius product that allows you to treat your hair as you style to achieve your perfect hair day in one simple step. Volume, Smoothness, Conditioning, Strength, Polish.”

I was a little doubtful at first, keep in mind I have been a hair product junkie since they developed mousse in the ’80s. My normal morning styling routine typically consists of style prep/heat protection, root volumizer, glossing creme, finishing paste and hairspray. Why so many products? Because when I add volume to my fine hair it gets a parched, crispy yet poufy look that needs to be tamed in certain areas, so my bob with sideswept bangs looks halfway stylish and modern.

The only product I am wed to is my Kenra aerosol hairspray (, so if I could replace four other products with PHD, my morning routine would be transformed! But if it worked great on day one, how do I know it wasn’t just a fluke? How could I really be sure this was a must have product?

Because I don’t have a legion of interns and assistants like my favorite beauty editor, June Godfrey-June of Lucky fame, I committed to using PHD for a month in different weather and humidity with different hairstyles before I shared my thoughts. I also thought it was important to still stick with my typical routine several days a week for comparison purposes.

The verdict? The team that worked on this product are hair geniuses! Every time I use PHD I have a perfect hair day.Really. My hair looked like I got a blowout at a salon on the first day, but I expected that. The next day I did my regular hair product routine, but it didn’t look nearly as good as the day before and I ended up putting in bobby pins to get it off my face. My next PHD effort had even better results than the first try, I had volume at the crown and sleek ends. The next regular product day-it was a battle to make my hair look right. We had rain in Texas two days in a row (a miracle) and on the PHD day I looked much better, even after my hair got wet. I am even convinced it makes my hairspray hold better somehow.

So while I loved experimenting with my hair for the purpose of this blog post, I am glad the month is over and I can get rid of all my old products! PHD simply makes every day a perfect hair day, which is a must for Prairie Wife Style!

As always simply click on the pic to go to and have your own Perfect Hair Day!

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