Prairie Wife of the Week May 2, 2014

Posted May 2, 2014

So much of this blog is based on what Prairie Wife and I feel like writing about. Or things that are currently in the news (mostly fashion and beauty news but that counts). We thought it would be fun to let you, our readers, get a chance to ask us anything and everything.… Read More »

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YOU Ask Texas Two Steppin’

Posted April 28, 2014

Guess what? Our May 2 Prairie Wife of the Week will be…ME! Yes, I know I was the very first PWW, but that was a long time ago and before I realized that I was going to be a frequent contributor and write about fashion and other fabulous things. So,… Read More »

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Take Two, The Body Shop Pink Grapefruit Products

Posted February 8, 2014

This post was written by Texas Two Steppin’ A few months ago I wrote a post about The Body Shop’s amazing soap, and how much I loved the pink grapefruit scent. I was traveling this week and was stranded in the Houston airport for a few hours, so I had… Read More »

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Make It Your Own

Posted February 1, 2014

Unlike Prairie Wife and Step Girl, I have never worked in a restaurant because I’ve always known people are incredibly picky about what they like to eat (Think Meg Ryan in When Harry Met Sally). This insight has helped me become a better than average hostess. How? I try to… Read More »

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