Mama Mantra: Take A Break

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Take a break.

Three words, and really, it sounds so easy.

Stressed out from work, take a break.

Exhausted from being up all night with the baby, take a break.

Totally over running kids to 564 practices…take a break!

But moms know that it’s simply not that easy.

Heck, we can’t even go to the bathroom without someone coming along, or at the very least knocking on the door or rattling the doorknob.

But, sometimes forcing yourself to take a break can mean the difference between being the woman you want to be, or a screaming hysterical hot mess.

I am blessed beyond belief that every few years I’ve had the chance to go away for a long weekend with friends. I call it my “Elk Hunting” but really it’s a chance to rest both body and soul and come back feeling ready to take on whatever my life has for me next.

While it has been almost 2 years since my last “Elk Hunting” trip (I need to do something about that don’t I) I am currently in Las Vegas with The Cowboy.

It’s a business trip for him, and a much needed few days of rest and relaxation (with a bit of blogging) for me.

While he’s off at meetings I’m doing ABSOLUTLEY NOTHING PRODUCTIVE for hours at a time. I had hoped to work on my tan, but since the weather isn’t cooperating, an HGTV marathon is offering me a fair amount of zen.

I’m taking a break, and oh does it feel good.

I know this time of taking it slow, breathing deep, and waking up because I’ve had enough sleep, not because I have to get up and get to work or get Cowkids to school…will let me return home focused and rejuvenated in both body and soul.

But with busy schedules, limited budgets and “all the things” I realize that most moms don’t get this kind of an opportunity to take a break…heck I haven’t had this kind of break in two years…

So what’s a mom to do?

Here are some ideas.

Nursing moms have the hubby take the kids (yes even the baby) out of the house for a few hours. While they are gone do absolutely nothing productive. Watch TV, nap, sit and read in bed and ignore all the stuff you “should” be doing…whatever feeds your soul. If your baby is like mine and won’t take a bottle you’ll probably only get 2 hours at most, but it’s amazing how much even that little bit of time does for you. Even your partner taking the older kids and leaving the baby can offer a break for an exhausted mama (just make sure they stay away for at least 4 hours).

On a budget? Rent a hotel room in town for a day and leave the hubby and kids at home. Workout in the hotel gym, grab your fav fast food and candy and sit and watch TV, bring your laptop and binge watch Netflix. Spend your time doing whatever will allow you to return home the next day refreshed.

Go to a movie alone, yes alone. And then head out to get a coffee and browse your fav local stores with no time pressure.

Grab a blanket and your Kindle and head to a local park. Stretch out in the sun with an iced coffee and read the day away.

Single mamas, leave the kiddos in daycare an extra two hours or ask a friend to do a kid swap, and indulge in a few hours of alone time or pampering.

You may notice that I’m not mentioning hitting the club with friends.

All of my ideas focus on alone (or as alone as you can get) time.

Low key activities.

While there is definitely a need for girl time and cutting loose with your friends, there is also a necessity for quiet and peaceful alone time.

And I think that when you’re feeling like an exhausted frayed at the edges barely hanging on mama…time ALONE is what you really need.

Some time where you are paying attention to your needs and wants, and ONLY your needs and wants…even if it’s only for a few hours.

So mama, take a break.

The chores, the kids, the work, the busy…it’ll all be waiting for you when you’re done.

And chances are, you’ll be more capable of handling it all in a way that makes you proud…

If you would only take a break.

SIDE NOTE: Husbands/Partners it’s up to you to help make sure this happens for the mamas in your life. And no, once a year on mother’s day is not enough.

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One thought on "Mama Mantra: Take A Break"

  1. Breanna says:

    My good friend had to kidnap me for a few hours to give me just that. I’m a SAHM and I never get a break. She took me to get our toes done! I’m blessed I have her, but I know I need to do something more often!

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