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Just like my reading choices I like to keep my TV viewing pretty light hearted. For the most part I stay away from gritty dramas and cop shows. My only exceptions to that rule are House (I can’t lie, I cried when it was over) and The Cowboy and my new favorite, Elementary (a modern Sherlock Holmes and Watson drama). Just to plug a few more of my favorite shows…Downton Abbey (I don’t need to explain this one do I?), Sister Wives, The Goldbergs (you MUST watch this show), Project Runway, Kim of Queens, SNL, The Fabulist, and of course Duck Dynasty. I used to be a major Real Housewives junkie, my favorite was NYC and I still have a bit of a girl crush on Bethenny Frankel (so bummed about her divorce), but in the last year or so it got to be a little too much yelling and not enough of a look at their “real” lives!

Ladies of London logoMy regular readers know that not so deep down inside of me hides a 65 year old British Lady…I love all things typically British-a calming cup of tea, well executed tailoring, a posh accent, and just try and keep my away from Liberty floral patterns and a pair of wellies! A few weeks ago I saw a commercial for a new Housewives type show on Bravo called Ladies of London, I immediately set my DVR to record it and began to count down the days to the premiere. Oh man was I rewarded, this show is awesome! It takes place in London, England (just in case you didn’t catch that) and the cameras follow woman that are British as well as American’s now living in England, all because of their love of a man. It’s the direct contrast between the American mannerisms and the British that makes this amazing to watch. I have to admit that after catching a few episodes I was feeling a little uncouth. The British ladies are appalled at the Americans hooting and hollering at a sporting event, and frankly I was a little embarrassed for them! I never realized that the British stereotype of keeping your emotions buttoned up really is so true. This contrast results in a few of the ladies exchanging words, and even though things are eventually mended a rift between the cast is evident.

I really enjoy the looks into their lives; it’s been more than just parties and fights. The glimpses of the ladies with their husbands and children, at work and with friends (I love Caroline’s stylist Luke) make the show more relatable and frankly much more interesting! I also appreciate that they are super present on Twitter, nothing makes a girl feel better than a favorite or a ReTweet from one of the Ladies. Take a look at this clip and if you like what you see take time to read what I’ve got to say about each of the Ladies of London.

Time to dish on the ladies…

Ladies of London cst

Marissa is tied for my favorite with Caroline. Marissa is a sweet all American girl who moved to England because of her husband. They have a family business which includes a restaurant and bar, and she works side by side with him to create their empire. She is sweet and well mannered, but willing to stick up for herself with well placed zings, and hilarious facial expressions. I can’t wait to see her continue to rise above it all, I know she will. My favorite scene with her is watching her kick butt at shooting clay pigeons. BTW she has some great fashion choices too!

Caroline is a major player in the who’s who of the British elite and runs her own luxury gift company. While at first she may seem downright bossy and rude, it becomes clear that she really is just trying to help the “poor Americans.” Her life is so far above my life on the Prairie I can’t help but be fascinated! My favorite scene with her is one with her husband, where he calls her on her boo hooing about her lush life. Rather than react with anger she laughs and graciously and lovingly accepts his opinion, it’s a true look into her character.

Juliet is the American you try to hate but just can’t help but love. Brazen and unapologetically herself she puts her foot in her mouth at least once an episode. I respect her for her ability to apologize to others, and I am very interested to see what happens next with her! Her fashion sense is a little wacky but I love her edgier punk outfits. My favorite scene with her is when she makes cookies with her kids, I can’t help but relate to the relaxed and in jammies mom, who’s just clowning around with her (so cute) kids.

Annabelle is another of London’s elite. I feel like we are just getting to know who she is, it took a few episodes for her to really start showing her true colors. My heart goes out to her as she is still obviously grieving over the loss of her close friend fashion designer Alexander McQueen. Most of the time I want to give her a hug, but sometime I want to shake her and say “You have so much talent, start living your life for you not him!” My favorite scene is watching her stay calm and cool while disaster looms overhead (literally) during her fashion show. This last episode she got into a terrible accident, I’m on the edge of my seat to see what happens!

Julie is an American girl who married into royalty, every girls dream come true. She seems to have fallen right into step with her British in-laws and plays it cool and calm. She’s another nut that’s a little harder to crack and I look forward to seeing more of her and her life (I’d love to see her four kids). Her statement about wild game being some of the healthiest meat to eat, won me over instantly! My favorite scene is her rushing to be by Annabelle’s side after the accident and her heartfelt concern and support for her friend.

That leaves Noelle and Caprice. Both of these ladies are American transplants. Noelle seems to be growing on me more as the show continues but I am going to refrain from making any judgments for now. Caprice was enjoyable at first but lately seems to be moving down my list…once again I’m going to refrain from more comments. I’d hate to get snarky only to be proven wrong later (we all know that usually happens) and in keeping with our Prairie Wife Guarantee, if you can’t say something nice don’t say anything at all…

What do you think, will you watch the show? If you already watch it, who are your favs?!

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11 thoughts on "Ladies of London…Watch it Now!"

  1. TallGirlJ says:

    Well… as prairie wife knows from our own personal sessions of People Couch, I too love this show after she convinced me to give it a try (wasn’t too hard to do). It keeps me coming back week after week. I pretty much concure with all of her reviews as Marissa and Caroline are my top two as well. I admire how honest Caroline is and she how the reunion show will be most boring for her as she hasn’t told a lie yet! I think I will have to keep giving Caprice a chance as she is pregnant and I for one know that, that can make you not enjoyable to be around (of course I am a pleasure 😉 ) Anyways cant wait for the season to continue if you haven’t watched, its not to late! DVR as they do replays!!

    1. Prairie Wife says:

      I agree that Caprice could turn things around, that’s why I wasn’t willing to make an official call!

  2. Patty Smith says:

    Trying to be really quiet about the things I don’t like. I hate to attack and, as you said, be snarky.
    I am a would be Brit too. I am going to London in about 3 weeks, which accelerates my interest.
    I do think we can learn things from each other. I think being exuberant is great, being enthusiastic.
    I do think we can keep disagreements more private, and certainly not air them in public. Each of
    these women bring something fun to the table. I love seeing their interactions…of course, I have
    my favorites. I really look forward to Mondays now. Please, Bravo, a Season 2! So much more
    fascinating than the ever drearier Housewives. Bravo, HEAR US!! We LOVE the Ladies of LONDON!!

    1. Prairie Wife says:

      SO jealous about your trip, have fun! I agree we NEED a season 2 to really get to know these gals. Thanks so much for stopping by and I hope we see you again Patty 🙂

  3. Patty Smith says:

    PS: I don’t type the way that post looks…they just come out that way. Don’t know why.
    As my mother would say, “Most Peculiar.”


    1. Prairie Wife says:

      It made sense to me lol!

  4. franchesca says:

    Informative article, totally what I needed!

    1. Prairie Wife says:

      Hope you like the show, fingers crossed for season 2!

  5. Carlos says:

    I can’t wait to share this show with my friends!

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