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heartlandIt is Earth Day, so we wanted to do a quick post that showed that supports the environment. Of course, I felt the best way to support the Earth Day efforts was to feature a Prairie Wife that truly believes in conservation education, but Prairie Wife always gives me a challenge. She suggested tying the Earth Day message to fashion. While Cactus Rose does have some stylish boots, I really don’t think that’s what PW had in mind.

Initially I thought this post would lead me toward fashions that look like they came from a Project Runway challenge. You know, the episode where they must produce a gown with 50 plastic grocery bags, one old newspaper and two twist ties? But I took a step back and decided a more practical approach would be more…me. So how am I “earth friendly” with my fashion?

I guess the first thing is that I always wash my clothes in cold water and air dry my favorite outfits rather than putting them in the dryer. This not only saves electricity but also saves the fibers from damage so I can wear the clothing for more than six months.

That’s my second point–treat your clothes right and you don’t need to purchase excess. I honestly am still wearing items I purchased between 1985 and 2014. I admit there are only one or two pieces from the ’80s, but the point is that if you take care of your clothes you don’t have to run out and buy more every season. OK, so maybe the primary driver of this habit may be my frugal nature and not my desire to save the world, but it still counts as earth friendly!

Finally, when you realize that you are no longer wearing an article of clothing or heels (gasp!), the best thing you can do is pass it along. You can always make a donation to a local charity, but I first try to see if a friend or friend’s daughter could benefit from my gently used items. When I peek into Step Girl’s closet, it is often a trip down memory lane. We always have fun “shopping” in my closet, and when I picture her teaching in front of a class, I love the fact that she has a bit of my style (and a piece of me) with her most days.

P.S. As you know, Prairie Wife and I are sisters, and we are often on the same page. I wrote this post before she did hers on closet organization, but it’s funny how similar the last paragraph is!

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