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I’m a die hard fan of subscription boxes. From fashion clothes to workout gear, I love getting pushed out of my comfort zone and learning about new brands.

Pley.comWhen Pley.com reached out to me and asked us to take a look at their Subscription Boxes for kids I jumped at the chance. I told them the ages of my kids and their clothing sizes and they picked one to gift with a box. When the Disney Princess box arrived at our door, Cowgirl G was bouncing up and down with excitement.

I admit that the box sat on our counter for a week before we had time to film our unboxing and Cowgirl G’s review (it’s been a busy Summer) but I think you’ll agree that it was worth the wait.

Check out Cowgirl G’s review and then head to the bottom of the post for more information about Pley.com and their amazing subscription boxes.

Can I take a moment to brag? Didn’t Cowgirl G do wonderful?! We had to stop and start for me three times because of mistakes, and not even once for her…she’s a pro!

Pley.com subscription boxes are full of fun! Each box comes with several toys, an item of clothing and the box itself turns into a toy. Cowgirl G and Cowboy J immediately worked together to put together Ariel’s ship, and then Cowgirl G disappeared to her room to play with her new toys.

Pley.com also has National Geographic boxes and toy rental boxes!

My mind immediately went to my sweet little grand nieces in Texas when Cowgirl G opened her box. I know they would LOVE to get a Disney Princess box in the mail. What an easy and fun way to send a gift to relatives that live far away!?

With three subscription box plans to fit any budget Pley.com has it all covered. Take a moment to head over and see what they have and make sure you tag us in your pictures 😉

Do you know someone that would love a Pley.com box?



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2 thoughts on "Disney Princess Box from Pley.com"

  1. Hannah says:

    Oh my word!! You guys were so cute together in this video!! Cowgirl G did an awesome job!!!

    1. Prairie Wife says:

      Thanks Hannah I was really proud of her!

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