How to Cover Up Under Eye Bags

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I haven’t had more than four hours of sleep straight in almost a decade. I fully acknowledge that this is, as The Cowboy says, “a self inflicted wound.” I have been fully on board to have all these Cowkids. I went into it blind with Cowboy J (apparently my children are lacking a vital gene that allows them to sleep for more than 2 ½ hours) but I knew what I was in for with all the rest. Sadly, I am also one of those women genetically blessed with super dark under eye bags. I was using under eye concealer in high school! As you can imagine I look awesome when I get up in the morning.

I have spent years, literally, trying to find just the right products and application process. Just once, I would like someone to say “Oh, you look so refreshed and rested today!” rather than “Baby still not sleeping?”

While I don’t claim in any way to be a makeup expert (I didn’t start wearing eyeliner until my big sister taught me how 5 years ago), I haven’t ever had anyone laugh at me when I walk into a room. Below I have a picture and a list of the products that I find work the best for my skin. I also have a picture and a link to a tutorial that for me was life changing. I’ll explain more…

My favorite products are NYX Photogenic Concealer and bareMinerals Stroke of Light. Because I live in Wyoming the only place to buy makeup is drug stores. These products are not available at Target or Walgreens so, I purchase them through

On a day that I am particularly exhausted I first use the yellow NYX concealer then I apply my normal foundation or BB cream over it. I top it off with the bareMinerals concealer and head on out the door. On a normal day, I use the NYC concealer in light (because it fits my skin tone). I then follow it with my foundation or BB cream and the bareMinerals concealer.

Doing my under-eye concealer in downward strokes rather than dots has made a huge difference! I don’t really notice the uplifting effect she describes but, it really has helped even out my skin tone and makes my bags much less noticeable. Good luck, I hope the compliments on your new refreshed and rested look start rolling in!



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