Back to School: My Poop Is Not In a Group

Posted August 14, 2018 by Prairie Wife -

Standing alone this blog title may be confusing lol…but I decided to leave it anyway.

stressed womanIt’s my “nice” way of saying my Sh!t is not together.

Which is regrettable because my kids go back to school on Monday.

I HAVE done many of the things that are in my back to school tips and tricks video, we are waking up early and reading and doing school work daily.


LittleMissH may or may not be going to preschool, I can’t recall at this exact moment if I ever confirmed with our sitters/preschool that she could start next week.

Pauses typing to send a text.

Tomorrow is take all 5 kids to the doctor day, as well as school supply and clothes shopping.

I am patting myself on the back because I planned this so that I could order anything we didn’t have locally on Amazon and still have it here in time #geniusmommove

Going back to work has resulted in more running around than usual, yet I’ve still been able to be fun mom, and we’ve traveled somewhere as a family pretty much every other weekend. The result is a bunch of great memories, a trashed house and the realization that I still haven’t received the bus cards they HAVE to have to get on the bus in less than a week.

Pausing typing to make a call.

The Cowkids’ open houses fall on a day when I NEED to be at work.

So I will be “that mom” who is not there for 3/4 of the open houses. 

Thankfully I’ll be able to make it to the kindergarten open house for Cowboy C (I’m fine sniff no it’s totally going to be OK). The Cowboy is stepping up to the plate and taking the other three Cowkids to theirs.

It’s a fair exchange because I’ve attended approximately 132 parent teacher conferences and he’s gone to 2. 

With the Cowkids all attending public school I am feeling a bit less stressed about dressing them. I know most of their clothes will work…except I’m not super sure about if the shoulders need to be covered or not, so Cowgirl G is just going to rock t shirts or dresses that have short sleeves. #problemsolved

The boys have holes in the knees of all their jeans expect one pair so we need to get a few more of those…wait what else am I forgetting?

Oh yeah football cleats for Cowboy J.

Pauses typing to add to list.

summer breakSee what I mean I do not have this super mom thing in the bag.

And I know based on frantic texts and GIFs from my friends I’m not alone.

So moms, because let’s get real this back to school stuff usually falls on us, I’m here, cheering you on.

You can do this, you’ve got this covered and please remember when in doubt get it on Amazon, and school lunches are just as good as homemade…I promise!

And after you take that super awesome first day of school picture (props to those of you that create a cute sign but I absolutely won’t be doing that) and send them on their way with a kiss, a wave and perhaps a tear or 500…

woman eating on couchYou have my permission to shove the little kids in front of the TV with a bowl of goldfish crackers while you sit in another room and watch trashy TV on Netflix and consume all the Golden Double Stuffed Oreos you want.

PS: Teachers…thank you for all you do XOXOXO


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