An Up Close Look: PRP Plasma Facial

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I love that the ladies at Stirling Skincare Clinic are more than happy to allow us to take an up-close look at all of their treatments.

Why is this a big deal?

It shows they have nothing to hide, they are proud of their treatments, and it allows you to ask all the questions you want to ensure that when you walk into their clinic you have the results AND experience you want.

Full disclosure, I have had a Microneedling Facial before.

It was something I did with my Plastic Surgeon in Denver  (the one who performed my mastectomy and reconstruction) because I wanted to diminish the laugh lines around my mouth, but didn’t want to do injections. I loved the results (after the 5 days of healing and scariness) which lasted more than 6 months.

So, when I learned that Microneedling was a part of the PRP Plasma Facial I was more than happy to try this procedure out. 

What makes the PRP Plasma Facial better than Microneedling alone, is the Platelet Rich Plasma they use. NOTE: Some people call this the “vampire facial”

Trained professionals extract your blood, spin it to separate out the Plasma and then use the plasma in the procedure. The Plasma helps aid in healing (I was looking normal two days later instead of the 4 days from my previous Microneedling procedure) and for me, the result was much less flaking of my skin.

But why read about it when you can watch the entire process start to finish?!

You can tell that even Rachael was a bit nervous about how I’d look three days later…and yes the first 24 hours your face IS going to look a bit red and dry…and scary.

But take a look at this picture from 48 hours after the procedure, and with my makeup on you can’t see a thing but glowing smooth skin!

I always wait three weeks to share any of our “Up Close Look” posts with you because that’s how long it usually takes to see full results (or notice any problems).

I’m happy to report that I DID heal more quickly with the PRP Plasma Facial and that my skin is clearer, glowing, more even, and my wrinkles are looking less obvious. 

Basically, the result from this procedure is a fresher healthier looking you!


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