6 Easy Ways to Reboot Your Fitness Resolutions

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Now that January is over, many of our fitness resolutions are starting to fade (or have disappeared altogether)!

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Here are 6 easy tips to help you reboot your fitness resolutions and achieve your fitness goals!

Simplify your goals.

When it comes to new goals, many of us take on too much. We change our eating drastically, try to make it to the gym every day (sometimes multiple times per day), increase our water intake…and so on. You all know how this ends…A couple weeks go by and you become completely burnt out and go back to old unhealthy habits. Now is the time to simplify your goals. Start back at the beginning and start small. For the first week, plan to go to the gym 1-2 times rather than every day. For the second week substitute one unhealthy meal or snack per day for a healthy one and continue going to the gym 1-2 times. In the third week, add one more workout per week. Keep making little changes one week at a time. Becoming successful with these little goals will help ensure you keep working toward your big goal of a healthier life.

Limit Eating out.

Eating out can add up to a lot of poor choices, but it’s not reasonable for most of us to stop eating out altogether. Depriving yourself of all the foods you love will often lead to a major binge. When you DO go out to eat, try to choose the healthier option. Keep in mind it is OK to choose something that will help satisfy your cravings. A lot of times restaurants have portion sizes that are WAY to big. Try sharing with someone or get a to-go box right away and box up half of it BEFORE you start eating. Some other things that can help: ask to see the nutrition labels before you choose your food, limit alcoholic beverages, and ask for the sauces to be served on the side.

Find a fitness class you can’t live without.

Finding a fitness class that you cannot live without will help keep you motivated to move each week. It’s almost like finding that weekly television show that you don’t want to miss because you enjoy it so much and want to see what happens next! Some gyms offer free classes with your membership. Try out a few classes and find one that you really enjoy. For me, it was a cycling class that was set to intervals. It was really hard, but the time passed by quickly and I felt so good after the class was over!

Create a Home Environment that helps you complete your goals.

Do everything you can to make it easier to eat healthier at home.

Step 1: Keep tempting food out of your home; remember out of sight, out of mind. If you don’t buy it you don’t have it, and you can’t eat it!

Step 2: Have low-calorie foods easily accessible and ready to eat such as fruits, veggies, string cheese, or almonds.

 Step 3: Only eat while you are sitting at the table. Don’t get in the habit of eating while watching TV, cooking, reading, talking on the phone, standing at the fridge, or working on the computer. When you eat while doing these activities you begin to associate food with them, and you will want to eat every time you do them. 

Step 4: Always serve your food from the counter or stove rather than at the table. It keeps the food out of sight so that you are not tempted to get seconds right away. If you ARE still feeling hungry after your first helping, wait 20 minutes and then get up and have seconds if you are still hungry.

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Keep a food and exercise diary.

You can keep a food and exercise diary in a notebook or on your phone (there are a ton of different apps). Keeping a diary makes you more aware of what you are eating and exercising and may even hold the answers to why you aren’t seeing results. One thing to remember is that there are no bad foods; it’s usually the patterns of the unhealthy foods that make the difference! Having a piece of cake only on special occasions is okay, but having a piece of cake after dinner every night will change your results.  Keeping a diary may help you see patterns that you aren’t aware of. They key to success with this, be honest with what you record!

Find someone who can hold you accountable and have a support system.

For many of my clients, this is the most motivating factor in a lifestyle change. Having a workout buddy, a healthy diet buddy or a personal trainer can help with motivation and encourage you to stick to your new lifestyle. Getting a personal trainer and doing group sessions with a friend can be fun and may even cut the cost. Many trainers (me included) will offer a discount rate if you bring a friend or two.  There are also more flexible options like online training. Having a support system is also VERY important! Before you start a new program, talk to the people closest to you about how important your goals are to you. A program will be more effective when you have someone to lean on when you are feeling discouraged and have encouragement from those closest to you!

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3 thoughts on "6 Easy Ways to Reboot Your Fitness Resolutions"

  1. Bennie says:

    All good points and ideas. I’m doing okay but as usual some weeks are better than others. I find that crazy busy work weeks make me feel like I deserve a treat or a cheat, especially when there is leftover food, mainly cookies in our break rooms. I’ve been exercising and dieting since I can remember but for the people who have not been doing this on a regular basis and started New Year’s it’s especially difficult to stick to a program. The one or two small changes the week is a great idea at least try to re-incorporate good habits. Keep up the good work.

  2. Sharon Chapman says:

    Awesome! I’d love a session with Ali!! I’m a mover myself and tap into many movement disciplines. I always love a challenge as well as new ideas. So add me to the list!

  3. Ginny says:

    A personal training session seems like it would answer lots of questions. Especially about proper form for maximum benefit and avoiding injury.

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