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churchToday I stood in a church that was not my own, surrounded by both friends and strangers, unashamedly weeping.

A friend of mine unexpectedly lost her sweet 3 month old boy to SIDS this week.

When I first heard the news there was silence and shock, followed by tears.

I can’t even imagine what it must have been like for them…

To choose to go to the funeral was hard.

After all, I knew it was going to be completely overwhelmingly difficult.

Yet I wanted to go.

I needed to go.

Because if it were me burying my child it would be a comfort to be surrounded by familiar faces.

To know that others were there, covering me with prayers and love.

heavenPoignant and uplifting passages were read from the bible. Truths about Jesus’ love for children, promises of a life ever lasting, together again in heaven.

When we stood and began to sing, without any music other than the voice of the congregation, I was overcome.

The simple first verse…brought tears to my eyes.

“In you O Lord, I put my trust; ashamed let me not be. O save me in Your righteousness; give ear and rescue me.”

As if on cue, the voices doubled in strength on the second verse. Harmonizing and resounding from the high arches, the sound of these voices was so achingly beautiful that is struck me to my core. Tears streamed down my face and my shoulders shook with sobs.

“O be my rock, my dwelling place, my constant safe resort; for my salvation You’ve ordained; You are my rock and fort.”

There were beautiful stories of how this sweet baby boy charmed all he met with his smile and oh so sweet nature.

Not once did we shy away from the pain that his parents and siblings now felt, not once did grown men apologize for their pauses to gather composure or wipe away tears as they talked.

Not once did anyone ask for this burden to be removed from those who we loved so dear.

Rather, they rejoiced in the love that this child brought to the world during these short three months.

No fists were shaken at the sky in anger, but instead heads were bowed as we prayed and asked God for His grace and strength to be showered upon this sweet family.

As we left the church and walked out into the beautiful Wyoming Spring day, tears continued to flow, hugs and soft touches and delicate smiles were exchanged.

Babies cried and cooed, children laughed and whined and shouted and jumped, and quiet murmurs soon turned into conversations.

Over and over, even in this time of deep pain and unimaginable sorrow, God’s goodness was praised.

Before we went home I asked TallGirlJ if I could take a moment to walk down the block and pray for just a bit in my own church.

prayerI had a deep need to kneel before my own church’s alter and ask God to watch over this family. To ask Him hold this sweet baby boy in His arms, and to help guide my actions and words over these next few months so that I could offer true comfort, hope and help to this family as they begin their journey of grief.


Today was hard.

Today I believe, truly and deeply to the core of my being, that God is good.

But life is hard, and so I weep.


Please, if you are the type to pray, add this family and their sweet boy to your prayers this week.





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14 thoughts on "Today."

  1. Allyson Bright says:

    Praying continually for this beautiful family!

    1. Prairie Wife says:

      I know they will feel all of our love and prayers surrounding them!

  2. Kristine says:

    Reading this post was hard. The memories of my beautiful boy’s funeral 8 years, 2 weeks, and 3 days ago washed over me. As hard as it was to go to the funeral, it was infinitely harder for the parents, as I’m sure you know. Most of what happened during the days between losing my son and the events of the funeral are a blur for me. I have moments that are painful in their clarity, but so many others that are simply gone, lost, fogged over in my heart’s attempt to keep my mind intact.

    Reading this post was important. Know that this family, and yours as always, are part of my personal prayers.

    Love and strength from your Michigan Prairie Wife, Kristine xoxo

    1. Prairie Wife says:

      Kristine, you crossed my mind many times over the course of the last few weeks. Know that I pray for you often and will do the same for this sweet family too. xoxox

  3. Hannah Godsell says:

    I had heard of this family through friends of ours at our church here who know the family. We are praying for them and all who are touched by this huge loss. You are so right…even in the deep ache of such explainable loss…God is Good and one day we will see HIm face to face.

    1. Nancy Jo Garbutt says:

      So well said! Thank you for this beautiful description of what was a difficult event for many of us, but nothing compared to the hard days ahead for our sweet friends….

      1. Prairie Wife says:

        Thank you, I agree. The prayers will continue to keep flowing for them.

  4. Lauralee Hensley says:

    I will, I will pray for them.

    1. Prairie Wife says:

      Thank you Lauralee

  5. Bryonna says:

    This breaks my heart to read and brings back many incredibly painful memories. Thinking of this family and their sweet little angel. It’s comforting to know they have you as part of their support system during these difficult times.

    1. Prairie Wife says:

      Sending you so much love, know that you have been on my mind with this and I am sending you prayers xoxox

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