The Best Shows to Binge Watch for the Remainder of 2018

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Would you look at that, we’re almost at the end of yet another year!

Now’s your chance to binge-watch some quality TV and make sure you have enough conversation fillers for the slew of upcoming holidays. Thankfully, there’s a treasure trove of shows that are available for streaming. Whether you want a show to fill the void left by another series, or are looking for a fun way to pass the time at home — here are a few that are sure to have you saying “okay, just one more episode.”

orange is the new black

Image credit: Orange Is The New Black Wiki

Orange is The New Black (Netflix)

Not many shows are as estrogen-fueled as Orange Is The New Black. It explores Piper Chapman’s life in an all-women’s prison after being convicted for transporting drug money to an ex-girlfriend — with whom she ends up sharing her new home. Uproxx praises its captivating beginnings, which were arguably the show’s glory episodes. But stay patient — its darkly comedic tone and inventive scenes provide some respite, making the show still very much worth binge watching.


Image credit: Nerdist

Handmaid’s Tale (Hulu)

Set in a dystopian world where women are second-class citizens, Handmaid’s Tale is one of the most politically charged shows out there today. It’s such a hit that it garnered a whopping 20 Emmy nominations, including Best Drama, Casting, Writing, and more.

game of thrones

Image credit: The Independent

Game of Thrones (HBO)

Who hasn’t heard of the mythical land of Westeros? Game of Thrones focuses on several powerful families battling for the Iron Throne. Currently spanning seven seasons, its last chapters are set to premiere next year. It’s one of the most influential stories to hit screens in the past decade — a pop culture phenomenon that has inspired Adidas sneaker lines and life-sized Iron Throne replicas. It has even crossed over to gaming, with popular gaming portal Slingo launching its own GoT slot title. The game not only features the show’s iconic imagery and themes, but also has music straight from the show, adding a whole new dimension to the franchise’s excitement. While the many add-ons are great to get you hooked on the GoT world, it’s nothing compared to the series. And what better time to get up to date in time for the upcoming final season?

the good place

Image credit: NME

The Good Place (NBC)

This light-hearted comedy tells the story of Eleanor Shellstrop, who becomes the butt of a paperwork pandemonium in the afterlife as they sort out the bad versus good. By mistake, the flawed Eleanor ends up in the Good Place — a peaceful neighborhood designed for those who were, well, good during their time on Earth. This sitcom is a breath of fresh air, due to its unpredictable nature and unique setting.

Dark Season 1

 Image credit: Indiewire

Dark (Netflix)

If you liked Netflix’s Stranger Things, you’re going to love Dark. This dramatic thriller is Netflix’s first foray into German TV, and it definitely didn’t miss. The show revolves around a young boy’s disappearance, leading to the unraveling of a town’s bleak past. The Verge warns that you might find it hard to watch, but it would be impossible to not want to see what the show has in store once you begin.

Do you have a favorite show you’d like to recommend? Sound off in the comments below!

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