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If you are the aunt or godmother of a teen, you know that this is the hardest age group to please at Christmas. Oh sure, they open your present and mumble “thanks,” but then they usually go back to texting and Instagram. Only a few years ago they would rip off the paper and jump up and down with joy. Now you are lucky if they break their cool facade and show emotion.

I definitely won’t guarantee that you will get a smile out of the teen if you purchase one of these gifts, but at least they might give you something new to stuff in their stocking. Also check out the  Gift Giving 101 post as it may inspire you as well. Good luck, and be sure to let us know if you have a great idea we should add to the list.

  • This age group doesn’t mind gift cards, but try to make it a store that the teen loves and consider adding a certificate for lunch at a nearby restaurant. Maybe even with you and one of their friends?
  • Movie passes are always a winner, just don’t forget the popcorn.
  • Teens often love designer labels and following trends, but many clothing or big ticket items might not be within your budget. Luckily it seems that many designers have expanded their lines so you can get designer products at many price points. Does she love Coach? Think key chain or wallet instead of boots. Chanel? Perfume or lipstick instead of a jacket. Yeti? Hat or shirt instead of a cooler.
  • Scratch off lottery tickets are a fun idea, but check you state’s laws to make sure they can collect the prize.
  • If the teen is driving, a pre-loaded gas card is thoughtful or maybe a GPS if their vehicle isn’t already equipped with one.
  • Every teen I know has a smartphone and every teen is always running out of “juice.” Find out if they have an Android or Apple product and then search for a product that can give them extra battery life so they never have to stop texting. I have personally used mophie for more than a year with great success, but there are many options out there.
  • Check with the teen’s parent and see if they are getting them a major present like an Xbox or PlayStation or iPad so you can “piggyback” with an accessory. Just make sure they open your gift afterwards so you don’t ruin the surprise.

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