Rebecca: A Short Story Part 2

Posted February 13, 2021

This is a continuation (at the request of our readers) of a short story I wrote in December called “Rebecca”. You can read Part 1 here. Rebecca took the sharp turn onto the dirt road, and as she and Casey bounced towards the small white home barely visible ahead, she… Read More »

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Rebecca: A Short Story

Posted December 8, 2020

The faded black ink numbers on the back of her hand caught Rebecca’s eye as she gazed into the rear-view mirror, smoothing down her hair that was still mussed and tangled from the night before. She couldn’t quite remember his name, the man who gave her his number. She was… Read More »

Categories: Life As It Happens, Prairie Life

The Christmas Invitation by Trisha Ashley

Posted November 5, 2019

We have officially had our third snowstorm of the Fall/Winter season. And, yesterday a few large fluffy snowflakes floated down from the sky in the early morning hours. Based on that information it’s no wonder that I feel like it is 100% appropriate to share with you a book about… Read More »

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