WyoSal: The World is NOT Ending

Posted November 10, 2016

Newsflash: The world is not ending. I awoke to college students chanting, “He is not my president.” Guess what? While you breathe our air and drive on our roads and become more educated in our classrooms, yes, yes, he is. For eight years, the person for whom I did not vote… Read More »

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WyoSal: Pray Harder Than You’ve Ever Prayed Before

Posted October 27, 2016

I’ll say one thing for this election that is blessedly nearing its end… It has gotten me praying more urgently and more frequently than I ever have before. Last week, I heard one candidate talk about being pro life and appointing Supreme Court justices who believed the same. I heard another… Read More »

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Show me Who You Want for President by Voting, Not Attacking Me

Posted October 6, 2016

We generally stay away from talking politics on this blog. Not because we are afraid of controversy, honestly there is nothing more controversial than parenting advice…and we hand that out weekly! We don’t post about politics because it doesn’t go with our mission of supporting other women, wives and mothers (and their families).… Read More »

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Wyo Sal: The Most Important Minute

Posted August 18, 2016

The drive took 40 minutes, the task less than five. Knowing we would be out of town for the primary election, we voted absentee for the first time in our many decades of voting. We did get stickers, but we certainly don’t deserve any special praise. I would never consider… Read More »

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Prairie Wife of the Week July 11, 2014

Posted July 11, 2014

The first time I saw Sheryl Lain in action I was a young teacher, just finishing up my second year in first grade. Sheryl came into our school as part of our yearly staff development, and encouraged us to help our children grow as writers. She was vibrant and passionate… Read More »

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