SweatStyle Unboxing: 4th Box

Posted November 13, 2017 by Prairie Wife - 1 comment

If you watched our most recent SweatStyle video you may have seen that I was bit disappointed…

The clothes were cute and fit well, but I asked for some Fall and Winter gear and there were NO items in the box that fit my need.

SweatStyle saw my video and emailed me to say they were sorry I was disappointed and sent me another box (and waived the $20 styling fee) full of items they felt would meet my needs! Nice customer service right?!

Take a look at my unboxing and find out how the folks at MySweatStyle.com did!



SO are you as impressed as I am?

I love the pink long sleeve shirt and I wore it last week for a chilly 4 mile walk, it kept me toasty warm AND was comfortable.

If you’re interested in ordering a SweatStyle box of your own use this link and don’t forget to use the code Prairiewife20 to receive 20% off any amount you order on your first box!


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One thought on "SweatStyle Unboxing: 4th Box"

  1. Ma says:

    Almost afraid to say it…I agree with you: The black wrap is too pricey, the green leggings do accentuate your thighs for some weird reason and the cute gray hoodie would be an indulgence. I can see the others being “necessary”!

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