Stitch Fix Unboxing: First Try

Posted November 7, 2016 by Prairie Wife - 4 comments

Our regular readers have been following TallGirlJ on her Plus Size Clothing Subscription box journey for a few months now. Her first unboxing she scored a fab pair of jeans and the second time around she kept that amazing bag….and I loved the fabulous black sweater. Take a minute to check out her Dia&Co unboxing and let her know if you think it’s worth another try!

Anyway…after I stole (I paid her for it but you know what I mean) her top out of her last box I decided to finally give in and try Stitch Fix out myself. I love to shop but, living in Wyoming and having a very limited amount of free time,means my choices are limited. I was excited to see if my stylist would pick items I liked, that pushed me a bit out of my comfort zone, and most importantly…could they find clothes that fit?

Check out my video and let me know what you think!

NOTE: For some reason the sound isn’t working great on a computer but, it does fine from your smart phone 😉

So….should I keep it all? Are these five items worth the cost? What about the dress…do you agree with me about the sleeves?

Come on readers….help me out with those questions and of course the biggest one of all….

Should I try Stitch Fix again?!

PS sorry about the sound it’ll be better on the next one


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4 thoughts on "Stitch Fix Unboxing: First Try"

  1. TallGirlJ says:

    The jeans and striped top
    I loved it all, but those 2 are My top!

    1. Prairie Wife says:

      Can’t lie I LOVE the jeans!

  2. DeAnna says:

    I love the jeans and striped top too. I would love to try stitch fix in the future. Right now their items seem to be a little too pricey for our budget.

    1. Prairie Wife says:

      That was my biggest hang-up too!

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