Spring is Here at Last…Kind Of…

Posted April 25, 2018 by Prairie Wife - 2 comments

snowy flowersSpring is here…I even have my first slight sunburn (yes I did put on sunscreen, but obviously not enough) to prove it.

Yet, this morning TallGirlJ and I went on a snowy icy (and slightly life threatening) hike on one of our favorite local trails.

The bipolar aspect of Springtime in the Rockies can cause me to go from jazzed up for a sunny run to cowering on the couch with a cup of hot tea.

It makes it hard to get in any kind of fitness routine when you can’t count on the weather allowing you to follow through with your run.

So here are a few tips that help me get through this crazy time and still stick to my fitness goals.

  • Make a plan and stick with it.
    • Even if snow and ice ruin your run go for a walk/hike or do yoga in your home. Any movement is better than nothing at all.
  • keep movingThat being said…be spontaneous!
    • If you look out the window and it’s suddenly sunny, grab the kids and go for a walk. Then you won’t feel so down when your workout plan for the next day is spoiled by a blizzard.
  • Hit Pinterest for some inspiration.
    • Nothing inspires me more to get my booty moving then a new fun workout plan or an awesome fitness quote. You can find some of my favorites on our Health and Motivation board.
  • Practice the 75/25 rule.
    • I admit that while I try to eat healthfully and make most of our food from scratch, I don’t always succeed. I can devour an entire package of golden double stuff Oreos in less than 24 hours, and no I don’t share with the Cowkids. Eating healthy 75% of the time helps my body (and skin) to stay relatively fit and allows me to indulge when I feel the need!
  • Bribery.
    • I’m a huge fan of using bribery to keep myself moving. My subscription SweatStyle boxes come every three months and I allow myself to indulge guilt free in a few new items when I’ve meet my fitness goals.

You can watch my most recent SweatStyle for Spring 2018 unboxing here, and then you can watch a fun segment on Spring Fitness I did with Slaon Dickey on K2 News by following this link!

While I don’t belong to a gym, I know a ton of our readers use them as their main way to keep fit (and sane) all year long. Below are some great tips from eSalon.com  for keeping your hair looking great during AND after your workout!

workout hair


Did I miss anything?!

How do you stay fit during the crazy Spring months?

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2 thoughts on "Spring is Here at Last…Kind Of…"

  1. Bennie says:

    I’ go to the gym five days a week. I wash my hair on Monday and the rest of the week I wet it after my workout and use conditioner, no shampoo. Then blow it out with styling products. My weekly routine is Monday – 30 min spin class, Tuesday – 45 weight class, Wednesday – walk on treadmill 30-40 mins, Thursday -45 min weight class, Friday – 45 min yoga class. I give myself Saturday off and Sunday I take an hour walk in my ‘hood. I really like my Sunday walks and look for the occasional deer and bunnies.

    Now that we are into warmer weather and lighter evenings I will try to take a walk after work and on saturdays my friend and I sometimes walk from our complex to a restaurant for dinner squeezing in another walk.

    1. Prairie Wife says:

      Bennie you are my spirit animal that is awesome…and if I ever get in a fight I want you on my side 😉

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