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Our recently released parody video clearly states “Honey I’m good I could have another but probably should not!” After many  months of discussion my husband and I have decided that our family of 5 is complete. We have been blessed with 3 beautiful children (one girl and two boys) and for us that’s the perfect number!

All together I have birthed 27 pounds of baby…and by birthed I mean I pushed them out my girl parts…and one of them was over 10 pounds. In the course of our discussion of being done having babies, TallGuyT (my husband) and I decided it would be fair for my husband to get the “fix”. We are sure we are done, and both of us don’t want to worry about having a surprise baby in 5 years.

Before our doctor would proceed with the vasectomy, they had us schedule a consultation. It’s a way for them to make sure you are not jumping into anything. A way to help you feel confident that you are making the right choice for your family.

A few weeks ago TallGuyT and I went in for our consultation. The doctor who was doing it was very kind, and even stated that this is the only surgery he does (I guess that means he’s a pro), that he himself has had the surgery (with no ill effects) and so on…It obviously wasn’t his first time chatting with a nervous male crossing his legs and glancing at the door every few minutes.

sick husbandThen it was time to talk about the nitty gritty, the actual surgery and recovery. The doctor recommended that TallGuyT have the surgery on a Friday, and then keep his weekend relaxed. After the “snip” was done there would be 2 (very tiny almost invisible) stitches and he explained that TallGuyT could be a little soar. He clearly stated that my husband would need to go home and sit on a bag of peas for the first day, and then do absolutely nothing the rest of the weekend. The doctor then looked at me, smiled and said “I bet like most wives, you’ll get a bit of satisfaction out of this!”

This is when my mind went crazy… but I kept it together and said “No not really, I don’t want to have him get this as revenge.” After the appointment my TallguyT, being the smart-ass he is (and usually I love him because of it) kept asking if I heard the part of how he had to sit around. He was absolutely not allowed to move too much or lift anything. If he was put to work it could be disastrous (swollen male parts some more pain) and of course, there was no way we could have that!

We have a few more weeks before my husbands surgery… and I have had lots of time to think.

When I was alone with Prairie Wife a few days ago she asked me what my feelings were. She was wondering if I was sad since this surgery means an amazingly wonderful (yet super hard) chapter of our life was ending. Yes I am a little sad but, my husband and I are both confident our family is complete.

But here’s the real thing…I am annoyed!! Like I said before, I have birthed 27 pounds of baby! One of them was 10lb 8oz of sweet baby boy, do you think I only had “two tiny, almost invisible stitches” after that?

Do you think I got to just go home and sit on a bag of peas for a weekend? HA! I wish! The second after you have a baby and the epidural wears off, the nurses make sure you are up and moving! Within moments after you have a baby you are feeding it, within hours you take a shower (which does feel a little nice), then you pack up all your stuff and walk to your new room…and all this is within the first 12 hours…while still at the hospital!

screaming womanThen you get to go home, get up 50 times a night to feed the baby, change an infinite number of poopy diapers throughout the day, plus take care of other kids and the family and the house. And lets talk about the general anger and soreness of the girl parts, for weeks after!

A whole weekend of rest for my husband for “TWO TINY, ALMOST INVISIBLE STITCHES!!” When I haven’t even gotten an hour…heck even half an hour of rest after any of my kids were born….

Yes, I am so grateful TallManT is stepping up and doing this for our family. I assure you I will take care of him the best that I can. With a bright and cheerful smile firmly plastered on my face, I will hand him a freshly frozen bag of peas and a cool drink whenever he needs it.

But, between you and me, you bet I will be walking around the corner and rolling my eyes…and perhaps doing a few silent screams as well.

What do you think gals, am I overreacting?!
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7 thoughts on "Snip…Snip…"

  1. BonitaBlueEyes says:


  2. Bennie says:

    Ha, ha, very funny but true. I’m single with no kids but from what I’ve observed over the years women are much more resilient when it comes to pain and sickness than men (at least most women). Maybe it’s because each month when we are young(er) we get that monthly painful discomfort so it’s a given that we’ll endure some PAIN every month for a good 30 years while men only get the occasional aches and pains.

    I commend you and your husband for being responsible and for him getting this procedure and you not having to go through major surgery after giving birth three times. It’s his turn to endure a little pain and discomfort. Just make sure to toss that bag of peas when the weekend is over. 😉

    1. TalGirlJ says:

      You are so right, 30 +- years of monthly pain.. can you imagine if men went through it! The world would end lol.
      I am so thankful though that I have great husband that is willing to step up (hopefully he doesn’t chicken out lol). And your can guarantee that bag of peas is going out, the chickens will love it ?

  3. Cindy says:

    Remember it takes a woman to bare a child and God gives us forgetfulness to the intensity of labor and our man enables us to be the best mom we can be. Though his contribution comes in different forms he would take the pain from you if he could during labor but it is not to be. Is it fair, No. But is life fair? You are human and normal to feel this frustration and anger and you are handling it very well. Don’t be surprised about your emotions when the surgery is completed we are programmed to nurture.

    1. TalGirlJ says:

      Your so right. Men also have to do thing I wouldn’t want in jobs and more so I definitely cut him slack. Thanks for reading and sharing some great things to remember!

  4. Patty Grose says:

    I keep telling you, don’t let him talk to your dad.
    After his snip, I can still see him laying in our bed all laid out and saying” look what you did to me!”
    Maybe it was because I didn’t give him a bag of peas to sit on, idk, he did have some swelling! But he sure the heck didn’t swell as much as my breast did after you were born tall girl T.
    My two babies only totaled 15# 4oz. But I also had 36 hours of hard labor total, and no epidural for either one.

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