Potty Training: Stage Two

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A month or so ago I posted Potty Training: Stage One and gave you an overview of my potty training philosophy and listed the first steps to getting your child comfortable with the potty. Take a look below and see if you are ready for Stage Two!

sitting on pottyReady for Stage Two? If they are showing 2 or more of the below signs get ready…
1. Your child is totally comfortable sitting on the potty and it’s not a struggle at all.
2. They are asking to sit on the potty and/or will sit on their own and look at books while you leave the room.
3. They are going pee or poop in the potty 5 or more times a week.
4. Your child is watching the pee or poop go out, talking about it as it happens, and even squeezing stomach in and trying to help the process along.
5. They tell you when they have to go pee/poop and lead you to the bathroom (doesn’t matter if they really go or not)

This stage does not include any underwear or pull-ups, I still have my children in diapers. It does involve a lot of naked time and you will most likely have accidents to clean up. Stock up on the paper towel and carpet cleaner! If you are spending all your time cleaning up messes give it a break and try again in a few weeks. Also, please no yelling and punishment for messes…they are still learning!

Many of the same rules from Potty Training: Stage One still apply. Make sure YOU are ready and it’s good timing for your life, read and watch DVD’s about using the potty, and cheer and make a big deal out of every pee or poop in the potty victory.

Start a routine for potty time, and start being firm about it.

1. Take a look at your child’s daily routine and look for any patterns. Cowboy C always goes poop just before we head out for school, and usually within 30 min after eating lunch and/or before bed. Start putting your child on the potty every day at these times.
2. Take a look at your day and see when you will naturally be having them go to the potty in the future. Sitting on it before you leave is a big one, as well as before nap/bedtime.
3. Get serious about putting your child on the potty. Now that they have the hang of it you need to make them get used to stopping what they are doing and sitting down to go. Even if they fuss, if it’s time for them to sit on the potty, they need to sit!

Naked time! A wise mother of 4 boys told me the best way to potty train her kids was let them run around naked…I couldn’t agree more! I get that this is messy and maybe gross but, so is taking off four pairs of peed on undies a day. Often by the time you get them to the potty and get pants and a diaper off, you’ve missed your opportunity. Also, if they feel it on their legs or feet it really helps them make the connection SO much faster than with a diaper. After the first time or two my kids can usually stop it and finish in the potty too.

1. Any time your child goes pee or poop on the potty let them run around naked for 30min or so. Chances are they won’t have an accident and it is a great way for them to start noticing how their body works. Put them on the potty before you get a diaper back on them.
2. Let them be naked as much as you can, outside is wonderful. Just don’t loose track of time and let them go too long without potty time!
3. Ask them a billion times (at 30min and then every 15-20 min after that) if they need to go potty during naked time.
3. If they do go pee or poop on the floor….

Talk about it, talk about it, talk about it (even thought you will be over it by the end of the first day)!

1. If you child goes pee or poop on the floor say “Uh oh we put our pee and poop in the potty!” Then immediately put them on the potty (yes before you clean it up) and say “Next time you have to go pee or poop say “Potty Mama” and run to the potty! We put our pee and poop in the potty!”
2. When you change a wet or poopy diaper say “Uh oh you went pee/poop in your diaper! Next time say “Potty Mama” and go run to the potty. We put our pee and poop in the potty!”
3. When they go pee or poop in the potty “YEAH! Good job you put your pee/poop in the potty, that’s what big boys/girls do! Good work putting your pee/poop in the potty!”
4. When they tell you they have to go potty (even if they don’t actually end up going) “Good job! You said “Potty Mama” and ran to use the potty! We put our pee and poop in the potty!”

Have them participate in all the steps.

1. When they use the potty have them help flush and close the lid on the big potty and wash hands. Get that routine down now, the more they get familiar with the big potty the better.
2. Have them come into public restrooms with you and talk about what you are doing. Have them flush the big toilet, and put the lid down. If it flushes while you are on it (which we all know it will do when your kids is on there) play it cool and talk about it.

Have them sit on the big potty.

1. Some parents start their kids on the big potty from the beginning so just skip this if that’s what you do.
2. Start having them sit on the big potty a few times a week (or every day) just to get used to it.
3. Make sure you stay in there for these times, the last thing you need is a tragic slipping into the potty accident to scar them for life!

girl dressedStart working on getting dressed and undressed. This part is really important, and often overlooked.

1. Start having your child help you pull their pants up and down each time they go pee or poop on the potty, talk about the process.
2. When changing a diaper/getting dressed have them help pull their pants up and down. Talk about it.
3. Have them start pulling their shirt up when they sit on the potty, and talk about keeping clothes clean and dry.
4. Have them start pulling their shirts on and off at diaper/getting dressed time. Have them begin to put their arms in their sleeves. Talk about forwards and backwards.

This stage I am really firm about doing for at least two weeks. After two weeks I back off a little bit with naked time, the times I put them on the potty, and the asking over and over if they have to go.

Your child is ready for Potty Training: The Final Stage if…

1. They are going to the potty 2-3 times a day (or more) on their potty.
2. They barely fuss at all when you tell them it’s time to sit on the potty, even when you know they don’t want to stop playing.
3. They have gone potty on the big potty several times and are comfortable with public toilets.
4. They come to you at least 5 times a week to tell you they have to go potty, and then use the potty.
5. They can pull their pants up and down on their own, and lift up their shirt when they sit on the potty.

Questions, concerns, tips and tricks?! Leave them in the comments!

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2 thoughts on "Potty Training: Stage Two"

  1. Gabriella says:

    Another great article! We did naked time though it somewhat conflicted with simultaneously training a puppy. In my frazzled state I kept saying we were “housebreaking” the bambina…. But eventually both girl and dog got the hang of it. Buon fortuna with the latest trainee!

    1. Prairie Wife says:

      Thanks…I’ll need it 🙂

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