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I have always been envious of Prairie Wife’s and Step Girl’s DIY talents. This summer I had the unique opportunity to play interior designer and decorate a coastal home. The assignment had me on a pretty tight budget but I wanted some unique and custom artwork for the kitchen. So, I decided I would take a few hours and see if I could be “crafty” with some purchases from Walmart.1. I found a nice, yet inexpensive, metal frame. I also grabbed solid and patterned scrapbooking papers and some non-permanent, double-sided tape and a scissors.

2. You know that photo of the happy family that comes in the frame? Keep it because that is your foundation.

3. To get started, cut several pieces of paper into different sizes and shapes. A combination of horizontal and vertical pieces in different widths work best. You can also cut angles and follow the print like the chevron shown in the sample.

4. Pick a piece of the resized scrapbooking paper, put tape on the back, place it in one corner of the foundation (the picture of the family you saved) and press down.

5. Place another sheet slightly overlapping the first piece and tape it down.

6. Keep going! There are no rules except you should make sure your scrapbook papers are secured and that you stay within the foundation so you don’t have to trim your work before you slip it in the frame.

7. Admire your piece up close, but also be sure to look at it several feet away to approximate it hanging on the wall.

8. If you’re happy with your masterpiece, pop it into the frame and enjoy all the compliments!

9. Just in case you need some more ideas, you can also do this project with wrapping paper, photographs, wallpaper, stickers, dried flowers, printouts from your home ink jet printer, etc. In case that’s not enough inspiration, don’t forget that little thing called Pinterest!


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