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I was nominated for this blog award by Julia from, and I thank her and Terry Tyler (read my review of her wonderful book Kings and Queens at for thinking of me from all the way across The Pond!

One lovely blogThis award is just a nice little way for us bloggers to let our readers know a few new facts about us, and to share some of the blogs that we enjoy in hopes that you will stop by and visit them! Those bloggers that I have nominated are asked to share 7 facts about themselves with their readers as well as links to no more than 15 blogs they enjoy. A mention of thanks (and links) to the blogger who nominated you is appreciated! And no worries if I’ve nominated you and you just don’t have time to do this…no hurt feelings here!

So my 7 facts…

1. I am an atrocious speller. I have often used substitution words to replace words that I can’t seem to spell correctly even with the spell checker. I am living proof that you don’t have to be a good speller to be a good writer (or at least an amusing writer). My phobia runs so deep that I literally get anxious when helping the Cowkids with their spelling words.

2. I have an irrational fear of steps, yes steps. The first thing I check when looking to buy a house is if the steps have a sturdy railing and or wall (preferable walls on both sides) and are not the creepy steps where you can see the spaces between them. My children are forever being warned to be careful when walking down steps, I am sure they will hear my warnings long after I am dead. I had to leave a lighthouse on a family vacation because the twisty open staircase was giving me an anxiety attack…or maybe it was my children and husband going up the stairs that did it. I blame it on a past life experience where I obviously fell down the stairs, broke my neck, and perished after lingering on for hours…perhaps days.

3. I would totally be a crazy cat lady if I didn’t have The Cowboy to stop me. Even with his influence we still have 4 cats. Now granted, only one is allowed in the house but…if I had my way we would never spay or neuter any of them (we have taken care of this with all of them) and I would keep each and every resulting kitten. I love cats…they are so soft and sweet. To me nothing is more calming than relaxing with a purring cat at your side (or laying on you). Not to mention I love the looks they give you, they can communicate their disdain so well with just one slow blink of an eye!

4. I don’t like milk chocolate, in fact I really kinda hate it. Sorry! I’ll eat it if I have to or if it’s artfully mixed into something else but, I will most likely skip it in favor of another sweet treat. Now DARK chocolate…that’s another story!

5. The only animal I hate is earwigs. Bring on the snakes, spiders, mice, moths, lizards and beetles. There is just something I hate about their nasty black shiny bodies and those gross, gross, GROSS pinchers!

6. I am a cheese addict. Being from Wisconsin this is kind of a given but my friends are always impressed by the vast quantity of yumminess in my cheese drawer. The Cowboy used to roll his eyes at how packed it was but I’ve turned him over to the dark side and he too is addicted to smoked Cheddar and Gouda (try it out and thank me later).

7. I am also a Kindle addict. I love my Kindle and the constant availability of new books at the click of a button. I have mentioned ignoring my children and chores in past book reviews, and The Cowboy can vouch that this is no exaggeration. I am ashamed to admit (well it’s kinda funny so not too ashamed I guess) that The Cowboy even took my Kindle on the road with him one week to prompt me to get back on track with my responsibilities. He has also been known to hide it when he is feeling neglected…

So here are the bloggers that I nominate for the Lovely Blog Award. Take a moment to visit them, you won’t be sorry!

I have to start out by mentioning my good friend (and past Prairie Wife) Trina and her blog It’s a mixture of Cowgirl Wisdom and Fabulous Recipes that always leaves me with a good feeling!

Another Wyoming Blogger I love is Carol from Talk about a real Prairie Wife, her stories of ranch life are full of interesting Wyoming information and I always leave loving Wyoming more!

I love Twitter, and Kate from is one of my fav Tweeters. Her super hilarious stories make me laugh out loud and I aspire to reach her level of wittiness…though I know I never will! I am also slightly biased because she featured one of my stories on her blog, what can I say the woman has good taste!

This site is one that I stop by every week for a little artistic inspiration. shows the work of Katie Rodgers. She uses unconventional materials to make her stunning art, most of which are inspired by fashion. Stop by, and stay awhile.

Morgan aka the “Tatted Mom” has an edge to her writings on that makes me LOL constantly. She shares her life with two kids and her husband with an open honesty that makes you feel like you know her.

Last but not least I have to share Sarah from this author has a great site that not only includes mussings about her life as a Kindergarten teacher, but snippets of her writing, and advice to other bloggers and writers. I can’t wait to read her book Becoming Beauty, which will be out this November!


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2 thoughts on "One Lovely Blog Award"

  1. Julia Gibbs says:

    Cats, yes, I would have 20 if I could! And it’s not irrational to be afraid of steps, you know. They can be dangerous. And of course it could be a past life thing, I believe in that. Of course I’m glad there are people like you who are self-confessed bad spellers, it’s how I keep my head above water!

    1. Prairie Wife says:

      lol I’m sure when I stop popping out kids and finally finish that novel I’ll be using your services… then you’ll see that I wasn’t exaggerating!

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