Need Some New Shows To Watch? Here You Go!

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Over the last few months, I’ve had plenty of time to watch TV and dive into more than a few new shows.

My binge watching consists of sneaking in two episodes of a show during one or two naptimes a week, or maybe getting in an episode or two on the weeknights when The Cowboy is out of town working.

I dream of the day I can sit on the couch (only to get up for more snacks and bathroom breaks) and watch an entire season in one day…someday…sigh.

Okay so here’s the deal, unless I specifically say it, most of these show are NOT ones to watch where the kids can see and hear what’s happening.

I like my trashy shows…and I refuse to apologize for it 😉

The Politician (Netflix)

Frankly, the real reason I watched this was Gwenyth. When I saw she was playing the character of a mother…I had to see what it looked like. Holy cow did I get hooked. This show is all about Uber Rich kid Payton and his dream of one day becoming president. But first, he has to win his High School Student Council Election. Sex, murder, fake friends and backstabbing (and somehow a brilliant look at current politics today) all turn into a show you can’t stop watching. I haven’t had time to watch season 2 yet but you better believe that it looks even more amazing than the first season, and that’s saying something.

Upload (Amazon Prime)

I thought this would be a comedy, and while there are for sure some hilarious characters and moments, it’s actually a deep commentary on our society. This show takes place in the future where people can upload their unconsciousness into a virtual afterlife the moment before they die. Nathan’s rich girlfriend uploads him to “save him” after a tragic car accident. He relies completely on her money to keep him “alive” and while in the virtual afterlife he begins to form a deep friendship with Nora. She’s his “angel” or his guide. Together they are trying to figure out why some of his memories are missing. The Cowboy enjoyed this one too, and we found ourselves having some pretty good conversations about the content of the episodes.

Dear White People (Netflix)

This show is pretty raw and for sure XXX rated, but I have found it to be pretty dang fabulous. It follows a strong group of colored students attending an Ivy League school. No topic is sacred on this show, but as you can gather from the title, the main topic of the show is racism. It’s particularly poignant in today’s political climate, and I appreciate the wide array of characters. I guarantee you’ll find at least one or two favorites that you can’t get enough of…and side note…the fashion is amazing.

The Good Witch (Netflix/Hallmark NOW)

This is one that’s okay for the kids, and it’s one of my favorites to watch while I’m making dinner. It was originally a Hallmark channel show and it has all the oohy gooey lovey wholesomeness that you would expect. It takes place in a small town where widower Cassie runs a Bread and Breakfast and her own natural healing (and antiques and tea) boutique.  Through her shop and interactions with guests, her intuition brings about a change for the better in everyone’s lives. Add in the teenage angst of her daughter, the “is she good or bad?” cousin, and of course the distinguished love interest…the new doctor that moves into town. Each episode is wrapped up neatly in a happy ending, and I love it. PS This series started as a movie so feel free to watch it too!

Never Have I Ever (Netflix)

So, this show is 100% meant for 15-17 year old girls but oh, my, did I love it! I actually let the kids watch about 4 hours of TV one afternoon so I could keep watching it without stopping. “Never Have I Ever ” tells the story of Devi. She’s a High School girl who just wants to be normal. In her relentless quest to fit in, she ends up hurting her friends, alienating her mother, and spreading the lie that she had sex with the most popular boy in school. I related to the main character Devi and her angst a WHOLE lot, but honestly, I think the character of the mother is the one who I really connected with. Warning, you’ll need some kleenex.

Your turn!

Let me know in the comments you’re watching and loving.

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4 thoughts on "Need Some New Shows To Watch? Here You Go!"

  1. Erin says:

    I’m watching Better Things and I love it!

    1. Prairie Wife says:

      I haven’t heard of that! I’ll have to check it out 🙂

  2. Lynette says:

    We just finished Handmaid Tails and in the middle of Lucifer and loving it… He is quite commical.

    1. Lynette says:

      Corrections… 🙂 That’s the wrong ”Tale” and it’s ”comical”

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