“My Only Obsession”

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NOTE: Hey all, Prairie Wife here. I just wanted to take a second to introduce you to David Watson. Not only is he the son of one of my dear friends, but here at PrairieWifeInHeels.com, we’ve worked with him several times. He was the man behind the camera on our “Honey I’m Good” parody video and our “Hunting Widows” music video too. A few years ago he left Wyoming for California, but we’ve kept in touch. When he reached out to me about sharing the story behind his latest song “My Only Obsession” I was more than happy to help him tell his story…

Hey PrairieWifeInHeels.com readers, I’m David I am currently living in California with my wife Alissa, my dog Lilo, and my two cats Theo and Thatcher…who are for sure some of the fattest cats you’ll ever see.

I grew up in Casper Wyoming and attended Kelly Walsh High School.

One of the best things about Wyoming is being able to see the beautiful stars at night, it is truly a view you can’t get anywhere else!

While I miss a lot about where I grew up, I know that God has me where he wants me right now.

Over the past 3 years I’ve written over 200 songs as honestly as I know how to, have opened for national act Shawn Mcdonald, and now have 3 songs published by Nashville Christian Songwriters.

I want my music to be a call to all who feel unworthy, to stand in the presence of God’s immeasurable love and chase after His wonder – no matter where that might lead.

Have you ever felt like you’re trying really hard to be seen?

Desperately striving to be heard?

Just before I wrote “My Only Obsession” I had this overwhelming need to be seen and heard by the world around me.

I wanted my music and my thoughts and ideas to be heard.

I constantly felt like I was being overlooked.

This caused me to be very self-focused.

I became consumed with my faults, with my shortcomings, and with my own wants. I’m not saying that focusing on improving yourself or trying to make your way in the world is necessarily a bad thing, but when those things become an obsession…it can be bad for your mental health, your relationships with people and, ultimately, it can cut you off from God.

This kind of obsession can soon become toxic.

This toxicity was starting to infect my life.

Until one morning when I found myself reading my Bible and spending time with God.

Afterward, I wrote these words “I wanna be at your feet, Day and Night, be all that I seek.”

I wasn’t so much writing a song but a prayer.

A prayer that God would help me to refocus on him and the good things in life.

As I continued to reflect in this moment, more words grew inside my mind. It was like God was speaking to me, wrapping these words around the toxic pattern of thoughts I had been experiencing. He was giving me an out from the words that had been on repeat in my mind, giving me a way to refocus on Him.

“Become my only obsession, consume my every intention, Jesus, I want to be like you.”

Those are the words that I wrote that day and those words eventually became the chorus and title for the song I’d like you to listen to today, My Only Obsession.

To clarify, I don’t mean that ALL I want to think about is God, but more that I want the lens of my life to be viewed through how God sees the world, and sees people.

I want to have love and compassion for all people no matter where they come from, who they vote for, or what they choose to do with their life.

I know that sounds and feels basically impossible for some (myself included) but I tend to set lofty goals…

I’m continually thankful that God has an abundance of grace.

Regardless of my daily success at achieving this level of compassion for others, this song continues to help me refocus on God and what He desires.

It helps me to remember I need to move away from my selfish desires and into a life of compassion, echoing the heartbeat of God as much as I can.

I truly hope it helps you do the same.

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