Memorial Day In a Mother’s Eyes

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As I was looking for a special way to explain the importance of Memorial Day, I found this song by Andrew Dean. I love the sentiment of the lyrics for “In a Mother’s Eyes” and just had to share it with you. 

“The day our flagpole was ready, we had no flag to fly
A mother stepped forward and said, ‘I have a flag,’ with a tear in her eye.
‘It was given to me the day that we laid my son to rest.
He was a true blue soldier who gave his life his best.’

I got a knot in my throat and a chill in my bones.
A tear rolled down my face.
A mother has lost her son at war;
The pain on her face.

In a mother’s eyes you can see red, white, and blue.
In a mother’s eyes you can see the pain so true.
Freedom comes with a cost of sadness and loss
You can see in a mother’s eyes.

When someone puts their life on the line so others can be free
It’s a selfless act of courage and love; how thankful we all should be.
And when I look at the flag today, I see a whole new meaning there.
I see the men and the women who died for her,
So in this freedom we can share.”

In memory of PFC Lynn Robbin Krotzer, USMC (KIA 1969 Vietnam)

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