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Prairie Wife: I thought it would be fun to have a guest writer for this post! Because, what better way to introduce you to this awesome local business owner than allow her to introduce herself?

As we wind down our “We LOVE Our Readers Month of Giveaways” make sure you stop by the end of this post for yet another AMAZING giveaway.

Hello PrairieWifeInHeels.com readers! Alyssa Louria here, let’s get down to business right away…

louria's lovelies shirtLast Summer I found myself feeling disappointed and frustrated after one too many fruitless shopping trips. The story was the same every time, despite hours of shopping and stores, nothing fit me right. I put my sewing skills to work and created a few pieces for myself. I posted a picture of me rocking my new look and I received a lot of compliments, and a few friends asked if I would make them something. They expressed the same frustration I had….there seemed to be no clothing that fit them properly in stores. I did some research, and even made a few things for friends and family to test the waters.

The results were beyond my wildest dreams, and Louria’s Lovelies was born!

I love making my customers happy with clothing that fits them perfectly, because I understand the struggle. The fashion industry, generally speaking, has a skewed standard, and women are not all cookie cutter shapes and sizes. My clothing line allows women to own clothing that is perfectly made for them, something typically only for those willing to drop a small fortune!

What exactly do I do at Louria’s Lovelies?!

Louria's Lovelies leggingsI make custom sized and designed clothing to fit you! I either take measurements for you, or can show you how to take your own. Then you choose a style and fabric and I make a custom sized shirt for you. Currently I make two styles of raglan shirts, the slim and relaxed fit,  a crossover embrace tee, a fleece hoodie, and leggings!

Feel free to look at my Facebook page to see photos of all of our styles!

Prairie Wife asked me to tell you what makes me amazing…

Am I?

Lol, I love making other people feel amazing about themselves, inside and out!

sass and style Between running a house, usually haphazardly, and managing my family, hubby and 3 kiddos, I find time to sew awesome clothes…that’s amazing right?! 

Take a look at this fab shirt (if I do say so myself) I made for Prairie Wife…so cute right?!

If you’d like to win a custom (created with your measurements) sass and style shirt of your own all you HAVE to do is comment below, tell me what your favorite article of clothing is and why. You can earn more points towards the giveaway by following us on social media.

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33 thoughts on "Louria’s Lovelies #giveaway"

  1. Jenni T says:

    My favorite piece of clothing is currently a buffalo plaid polar fleece half zip pullover. It’s squishy-soft-comfy like wearing a blanket. (Hey, it’s cold here in WY!!) I wear it with jeans–which are MOSTLY comfy, or leggings.

    1. Prairie Wife says:

      That sounds amazing!

  2. Julie Waldron says:

    My favorite clothing item is my Levi’s jeans because I like the way they fit.

    1. Prairie Wife says:

      A good pair of jeans is vital!

  3. Christy says:

    I LOVE my Louria’s Lovely shirt! I need a few more in different colors and prints. 🙂

    1. Prairie Wife says:

      I’m feeling that vibe…you can never have too many!

  4. Kelly N. says:

    The slim fit raglan is my favorite (so far), but those buttery soft leggings in one of your fun “western” prints sure sounds nice on one of my lazy days!
    Hmm… sounds like I may need a whole new custom outfit!

  5. Felicia M. says:

    My favorite piece of clothing is leggings. Just something about how comfy and casual they are.

    1. Prairie Wife says:

      I have just become a leggings person this year, I can’t believe it took me so long!

  6. EGraham says:

    I love my Louria’s Lovelies raglan shirt! It fits me perfectly, is super soft, comfortable and so cute!

    1. Prairie Wife says:

      They was SO well too!

  7. Krystal says:

    My favorite piece of clothing is my life is good t-shirt. It’s soft and comfy and one of my favorite colors.

    1. Prairie Wife says:

      Nothing is better than that perfect T-shirt!

  8. Sarah Schaff says:

    I have 3 Louria’s Lovelies shirts and I love them all. They are by far my favorite clothing that I own. I like to be comfortable and love anything floral so I am drawn to her clothing and style. I would recommend her to anyone. Besides that fact that she makes great clothes she is also a great person.

    1. Prairie Wife says:

      I LOVE my Sass and Style Shirt, and I agree, I was so pleased to be able to showcase her on the blog!

  9. Fiona N says:

    My favorite clothing item is the T-shirt that I bought from Old Navy because it is pretty and comfortable 🙂
    Thank You

    1. Prairie Wife says:

      Love a comfy t shirt…I even wrote a whole post devoted to the gray t-shirt 😉

      1. Fiona N says:

        Thank You for Your reply. I love and wear T shirts almost every day. They make me feel so comfortable when going work, school, and taking care of my son 😉

  10. Molly Wartenbee says:

    My most favorite clothing is a pair of black ankle pants. They are so comfortable. I can wear them dressed up or down, with flats or heels. And they are cute too!

  11. Nici says:

    My current favorite piece of clothing is leggings! Love the versatility and comfort!

  12. My favorites right now are my skinny jeans. Then makes me look super tall and they look adorable with boots. Plus there’s the fact that I wouldn’t have ever worn them. But I tried them on and fell in love!

  13. Carie jo berryman says:

    My favorite shirt is a pretty blue flowered raglan made by Louria’s Lovely’s!!

  14. Tanya Gygax says:

    My favorite piece of clothing is a great lightweight hoodie. It’s soft and comfy and can be worn many ways.

    1. Tanya Gygax says:

      Grey, not great. Although it is pretty great. Lol

  15. Laurie Nykaza says:

    I have some tank tops I wear everyday I bought 20 of the same one in different colors I liked it so much.

  16. Andrea Gomez says:

    My favorite piece of clothing are my target holey jeans They are my only pair of pants that fit…… I also love my surfwyoming hat

  17. Angela Saver says:

    My favorite piece of clothing is my leggings because I love being comfy! My favorite Louria’s Lovlies is the Wardrobe basic, sparkly gold raglan on their facebook page! Looks comfy too!

  18. Maegun says:

    Leggings! Because I can literally do anything in them and be comfortable, except leaving the house. When I leave the house I’d have to say a hoodie. I’m always cold, which makes a hoodie perfect!

  19. Jayedee Dewitt says:

    My favorite shirt is a flowy boho muslin. It brings me back to my hippy days lol

  20. Renee Walters says:

    My favorite clothing item on the Facebook page is Red, Black, and Grey hoodie in fleece

  21. Jamie Williams says:

    My favorite piece of clothing is my soft fuzzy and warm down hoodie. I’ve been wearing it every night to stay warm. It works.

  22. Rajee says:

    Love my denim jacket as it is so cute

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