Losing Cowkids

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This is a bit embarrassing to admit but, I lose my kids at least once a week…maybe even once a day…

It’s something I feel more than a bit of shame about, and I’ve only admitted this to a few close friends that I know will A. Not call DFS on me and B. Know that I really am a good parent.

Luckily when I’ve fessed up, they have continued to love me anyway AND told me the same thing happens to them.

So, let’s be open about this and get rid of some mom guilt.

I have 5 kids and we live on 10 acres of prairie. Not a ranch by any means but, even with the wide open Wyoming sky there are a lot of places for them to wander.

I have strategically placed windows that allow me to look out on their main areas of play, and when the weather is nice I can open them and hear where they are.

lose Even with this…I lose my kids.

Today as I was working on the schedule for my boss’ radio show, I looked out the window and saw the two littlest Cowkids (2yr old LittleMissH and 4yr old Cowboy C) playing on our flatbed trailer (you should get one for your kids it offers hours of entertainment). Yes they were barefoot and in jammies bit it’s a lovely day and they were happy and safe.

No less than five minutes later I looked out the window to see…nothing.

Not even Zip the Wonder Dog.

I rolled my eyes, looked out all the other windows and saw…nothing.

My gut dropped a bit but, since this isn’t my first rodeo, I simply headed out side and called for them….nothing.

Then I called for Zip the Wonder Dog. Chances are whatever direction he comes from is where the Cowkids can be found…nothing.

This led me to believe that all three had been kidnapped or that they were inside the shop playing. This is a big no no and, after a stern lecture yesterday, about why this is a no no I was a bit miffed…cause you know my kids always listen (insert eye roll emoji hear).

I went to the shop, found the Cowkids and their accomplice Zip the Wonder Dog and lectured them again…and decided to write a post about it.

Because here is the deal. Even though I know the chances of them being severely wounded or kidnapped are slim to none I still get that feeling in my stomach, that racing heart and the struggle to breath when I can’t find or hear my kids. Usually I have a minute before it kicks in but I know it’s coming.

In realty I know this isn’t them being lost…and while I have legit lost them in a scary, tearfully crying calling the neighbors to see if they’ve seen them kinda way, I still feel terrible guilt every time.

I mentally beat myself up for focusing on work or chores rather than their location. I think of all the terrible things that could have happened or BE happing right that minute and then make a vow to never let them out of my sight.

But let’s get real…that’s not life, and it’s not good for them or me.

Kids need to play. I need to get stuff done without them hanging on me…and as I result my kids get lost.

I think checking on them every 5-8 minutes is reasonable and so are my requests that the older Cowkids keep an eye on them  when they all go outside to play. I’m thinking this is a kid thing not a Wyoming prairie thing. Because, I’ve lost my kids inside the house (see this post) as many times if not MORE times than I’ve lost them outside.

Let’s get real readers.

Let me know, is this just me…or does it happen to everyone?!




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2 thoughts on "Losing Cowkids"

  1. Bennie says:

    No kids here so do my house/car keys count? Or when I walk into a room to do something and forget why does that count? I can only imagine the panic a mom would feel in a moment like this so you are not alone.

    So did you ever find them??? 😉

    1. Prairie Wife says:

      I did find them all the times…so far 😉

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