Grab Hot Cocoa and Snuggle Up With These Cheesy Christmas Movies

Posted November 29, 2019 by Prairie Wife -

I love Cheesy Christmas movies.

I can’t decide if it’s the totally predictable plot and endings or the Pinterest worthy Christmas decor but whatever it is I simply can’t get enough.

As soon as it was November 1st I began to indulge in my “weakness” by watching a few movies a week.

Normally I sneak my cheesy Christmas Movies in at naptime and don’t force them on the other family members (The Cowboy is a major bah humbug), but this year I decided too bad.

They don’t HAVE to watch the movies with me but no longer can they keep me from my joy!

Luckily Cowgirl G and Cowboy C love these movies as much as I do, so I have people to snuggle with under a cozy blanket.

I gave in and got the Hallmark NOW app now that we don’t have satellite or cable television.

And I have to say #NoRegrets.

I thought I would list a few of my favorite cheesy Christmas movies for you, and PLEASE if you have any to add make sure you leave them in the comments.

A Christmas Prince (Netflix)

Broadcasting Christmas (Hallmark)

The Miricle On 34th Street Original 1947 version (Amazon)

The Knight Before Christmas (Netflix)

Naughty and Nice (Hallmark)

The Man Who Invented Christmas (Amazon)

The Princess Switch (Netflix)

The Spirit of Christmas (Netflix)

Ice Sculpture Christmas (Hallmark)

There is something so emotionally soothing about watching a movie that you know will end with happy tears.

Yes, I know it’s basically the same plot the entire time, but rather than finding it annoying I think it’s incredibly comforting!

A fiesty career-driven woman runs into her old High School crush while home for the holidays and ends up turning the run-down bookstore into a thriving business…all while wearing perfectly styled outfits (complete with knee-high boots and adorable knit hats). Somewhere along the way, there is a chaste moonlit kiss that results in a stunning engagement ring and white wedding with ALL the things.

Happy sigh.

Don’t forget to let me know your favs, I still have a month of cheesy Christmas movie watching left!

NOTE: If you’re looking for a hot cocoa recipe this is one of our favorites.

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