Diary of a Hunting Widow: Year 14

Posted September 4, 2018 by Prairie Wife - 2 comments

Mountains and horses elk huntingThe Cowboy is already on his second hunt of the year…

Technically the first trip was just to scout out a spot to hunt, but the abandonment felt pretty much the same as when he is actually hunting.

It’s safe to say I’m officially a Hunting Widow.

Over the years I’ve had good times while he was gone, and bad times as well.

I’ve learned to enjoy the fact that for more than a week I won’t have to cook “real” meals. It’s breakfast for dinner, grilled cheese sandwiches, and tortilla pizzas.

watching TVIt also gives me time to watch as much cheesy chick flick movies and trashy TV as my brain can handle.

Which has been super fun.

I throw on a movie during LittleMissH’s naptime and have it on while I do work, or dishes, or prep for dinner…or just lay around and eat a super healthy snack of crackers or cheese and almonds. And of course, with school in session, the Cowkids go to bed around 8:15 so there is totally enough time to watch a movie before my 10:30 bedtime.

So far I’ve seen…

  1. Under the Tuscan Sun (an oldie but goodie)
  2. You’ve Got Mail (classic Meg Ryan is always a win)
  3. Bridgette Jones’ Baby (probably my 200th time for this one but I just love this series)
  4. The Proposal (Ryan Reynolds need I say more)
  5. Life of the Party (this was totally worth the $4.99 to rent)
  6. Eat, Pray, Love (first time watching it but for sure not the last)
  7. Book Club (meh not the best)
  8. Cutting Edge (toooooooe pick)

For TV I’ve watched

  1. Season 9 of RHNYC (season 10 cannot come to Hulu fast enough)
  2. Insecure (I’m through season 1 and can’t decide how I feel)

Everything is going smoothly with the Cowkids, I mean I’ve been a bit snappy here and there but not much more than usual lol!

popcornI love to watch kid movies with them and The Cowboy isn’t really a big fan, so I’ve been taking advantage of him being gone for some quality snuggle time.

We watched Mr. Magoriums Wonder Emporium and oh my goodness is this an amazing movie.

Really, truly, if you haven’t seen it go watch it with your children now!

I also used this opportunity to watch the oldy but goodie Casper the Friendly ghost.

Thankfully Ma and Pa are here right now and their help is much appreciated, and The Cowkids are soaking up all the attention.

I still have about three weeks of time off and on over the next two months where I’ll be abandoned for the mountains…

So let me know if there are any movies I need to add to my must watch list.

All of you other hunting widows, you go this!

And if you feel like you can’t handle it anymore, just turn on the TV and let everyone have cereal for dinner.

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2 thoughts on "Diary of a Hunting Widow: Year 14"

  1. Bennie says:

    No hunting widow here. Movies, well it’s still in theaters but if you can get away for a few hours (I say that because I know you don’t have a movie theater 5 mins away) Crazy Rich Asians was funny, I saw it this weekend. I like most of the movies you listed. How about Pitch Perfect, The Help, A Dog’s Purpose, just a few that come to mind.

    TV shows – Below Deck Mediterranean, Southern Charm, on HGTV, Tiny Paradise and Desert Flippers, glad to hear you watched Real Housewives NYC. Have you watched Younger and American Woman (Kyle from RHBH show)?

    Enjoy you parents’ visit and some girly time. Give yourself a home facial.

    1. Prairie Wife says:

      Crazy Rich Asians was amazing. I read the book before I saw the movie and I was pleased with how the did it! Pitch Perfect is awesome though the first is way better than the rest IMO. I LOVE Younger and can’t wait for this new season to get to Hulu so I can watch it. And American Woman sounds right up my alley, I’ll check it out. Thanks Bennie 🙂

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