Dia&Co First Unboxing with Tall Girl J

Posted November 2, 2016 by TallGirlJ - 2 comments

Hey all!

dia&co modelsSo, after my last Stitch Fix video, I had several of our awesome readers suggest I try Dia&Co. I learned about this subscription box right after my first Stitch Fix video and had been kicking around the idea for a few weeks. My only concern was that they would send me what I consider the dreaded “Plus Size Style”.

What I mean by “Plus Size Style” is clothing that reminds me of maternity wear. I totally acknowledge that this is MY hang up. I see lots of beautiful woman wearing amazing tops with an empire waist and/or flowy cut, and rocking it.

But, I just can’t do it. It doesn’t flatter my build and the way I carry my weight.

I am right on the edge of “normal” size and “plus size” and  excuse me while I rant for a moment…I get very frustrated shopping in stores and online. I never know what section of a store I belong in, or where I’ll have the best shot at finding clothes that both fit and flatter me. PS I don’t dig that there are separate sections anyways, but that a whole new rant…

Anyway, back to the vlog!

Dia&CO defiantly surprised me and I can not wait to give them another shot!

Also I am including a link just for you. If you use it to sign up for your Dia&Co box, you will get $20 off your order (which will cover your entire style fee)!!


Let me know what you think of the goodies they sent me!


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2 thoughts on "Dia&Co First Unboxing with Tall Girl J"

  1. College bff says:

    I think they looked great. I do think the v neck top might have been a little big. Maybe you should step out of your comfort zone and keep the dress it was cute!!!

    1. Prairie Wife says:

      I thought it was cute too!

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