Brinks Doorknob

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I am a very fortunate woman because my husband is incredibly handy. The Texan is willing to tackle almost any home improvement project I come up with if it adds value to the home and makes our life simpler. For example, he hates hanging decorative items on the wall, saying, “Do you really need that dust collector?” But he has no problem wiring the bathroom so anytime you walk in the lights automatically turn on and then turn off a few minutes later (Curious? The full story will be revealed in future blogs!).I can understand his viewpoint on DIY projects, and I do enjoy the automated features in our house. So as we walked through Lowe’s the other day, we both agreed that we needed this cool doorknob from Brinks. We had just bought a new front door, so it wasn’t an impulse purchase, but it looked like it would make getting in and out of the house easier. It may sound stupid, but why should we struggle taking groceries into the house? Or mucking up the knob when our hands are dirty after yardwork?I could try to explain how a doorknob could be “cool,” but this quick video shows it all! I guess the installation was pretty simple too because The Texan just bought another one for an interior door.What DIY projects have you tackled lately that have been simple but life changing?

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