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Yup that sums up my week, and my current mental state.

The first clue for my readers may have been that my posts usually go up at 6am, while this one is being written after 9pm.

I admit that while blogging I often think about you, the reader. I’ve learned that writing allows me to process my feelings.

And I’m all about honesty here…

blargh womanSo, I’ll let you know that I just deleted about 300 words that I had written. They described the hows and whys of a week that started great and then steadily fell apart.

Leaving me feeling battered and bruised, playing catch up while failing miserably, and weary of a week that’s only half way done.

It was a bunch of moaning and groaning and whining about things that are important but will eventually get handled.

I took care of the things that had to be done today. I’m confident that the Cowkids are all feeling loved, and they were fed and tucked into bed. I admit I’ve dropped the ball on a lot of other things I should have done, I’ll get it taken care of tomorrow.

So a tired mom salute to the rest of you feeling like you just can’t get it done.

Take a few deep breathes, get the must do’s crossed off first and try your best to get the rest taken care of.

In the end I’m pretty sure all the things I didn’t cross of my list today…well they’ll still be there tomorrow.




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