Angelcare Movement and Sound Monitor and the Snuza Hero Monitor

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This is TallGirlJ and I have been keeping a secret…

I am a pessimist. I try not to be and desperately want to be considered an optimist, but I suffer from anxiety and my mind ALWAYS takes me to the worst case scenario. I know that I have some rational reasons because of what happened to my older brother, but for years I have kept a secret. All because I didn’t want to seem crazy or like I over react… Which I know isn’t working because anyone that knows me isn’t going to be surprised by any of this. The good news is that my anxiety sometimes leads me to great things. Two examples of that are the Angelcare Movement and Sound Monitor and the Snuza Hero Monitor.

When I found out I was having my first baby 7+ years ago I was overjoyed with excitement and happiness… Until I found myself awake at night full of anxious thoughts. Having your first baby is nerve wracking for any mom and when you suffer from anxiety…Oh boy! Talk about overwhelming emotions!! One of my concerns was SIDS (like I said I always go to the worst case scenario) and I began to research on the internet and talk to everyone I knew about how to prevent it. This led me to my cousin who had a baby about a year before. He was born early and had to spend some time in a children’s hospital. While he was there the staff  recommended the Angelcare system to her.

angelcareThe Angelcare System is high tech baby monitor that is flat. You simply place it under the crib mattress and take the hand set into your room. It picks up movement as delicate as the babies breathing, so in theory if your baby stops breathing an alarm will sound and you can rush in! Of course when I got it I put it to the test. I placed the pad under the mattress then tapped it ever so lightly in a breathing pattern, then when I stopped after a few seconds a warning chirped then the alarm sounded. This system brought me lots of peace of mind, and I rested easy knowing that my baby was OK.

I use this system until my kids are no longer in the crib/toddler bed. Yes I said toddler bed, you know why!? As your kids get older and become old enough to get out of bed it also tattles on them, genius! If they are out of bed and not breathing in it the alarm will sound! AWESOME!! When our babies got a bit bigger and could roll all the way to one end of the crib the alarm sometimes cannot pick up the movement, resulting in a few false alarms. Overall I find it to be very accurate. For the sake of honesty, I  have to say my daughter figured out (when she was just under two years) that if she got the cat to lay in her bed she could then sneak out…lol! She is a smart cookie!

When I found out I was pregnant with baby #2 my anxiety kicked in again and I began to think about how much traveling we do on a regular basis. We have family out of town, and my husband travels for work, so we found ourselves spending a lot of long hours in the car. It’s always hard to see if a baby in a car seat is breathing, and I worried about him becoming over heated or a blanket covering his face. The Angelcare system is not really made to travel, so I couldn’t know for sure that he was OK (like I said anxiety is no fun). Once again I found myself searching for a solution. Unlike the ancient days of my first child and Amazon Prime (oh the addiction to two day shipping) now existed. I searched through what felt like a million products and read 100’s of reviews and came across the Snuza Hero Montior.

snuzaEven after I read all the great reviews I wasn’t sure if I was sold. I mentioned it to a girlfriend who said she would be glad to pay half with me. Then her baby could use it and by the time she didn’t need it I would have my baby, it was perfect! Two babies later I can honestly say this little device has been one of my best purchases to date. Not only can I use it when we travel and sleep other places (I no longer need to drag the Angelcare system for hotel stays or visits to the in-laws), but I use it in the car all the time. You just turn it on, clip it to their diaper and VOILA peace of mind! It works the same way as the Angelcare system and senses their breathing. After a certain time of no breathing movement the Snuza Hero will do a warning vibrate to remind baby to breathe. If that doesn’t work a loud alarm sounds to notify the baby’s caregiver.

Both of these products have been a wonderful thing for me and my family. It has helped to ease my stress and anxiety, and allowed me to have piece of mind that my child is safe in their bed and car seat. Yes I know something could still happen…but for me (and my husband) knowing that my babies are monitored allows my blood pressure to stay regular and my attitude to remain more “glass half full”. I would recommended these two products to anyone who might be having a baby or who has a baby and has these same anxieties. I even encouraged Prairie Wife to look into the Snuza when she was talking about her car seat concerns (she then asked me to write this post). I feel that both products are worth every cent!

Do you have anxiety about your children? What products have helped you, I ‘d love to hear about them!

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2 thoughts on "Angelcare Movement and Sound Monitor and the Snuza Hero Monitor"

  1. Cammie says:

    Yes, major anxiety. Have been using the Snuza Halo (now Hero) monitor for the past two kids. Helps some, but still paranoid.

    1. TallGirlJ says:

      I understand fully Cammie! Its so stressful!

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