A Lazy Day

Posted July 24, 2017 by Prairie Wife -

Yesterday was a lazy day around here.

Not because we had nothing to do but, because I really didn’t feel like doing a thing.

Perhaps I was still tired from the race I ran Saturday

Which by the way was super hard and kicked my a$$. I didn’t meet my time goal (I was over by 13 min) but I did meet my mental goal of not walking. It was a beautiful 8 mile trail run up (and more up and some down and a lot more up) on Caspe the mountain and I’ll definitely be back again this Summer. There were several times I wanted to stop and really take in the beauty but was unable to because of A. Time B. Lack of oxygen and C. The twists and turns, logs and rocks on the trail needed my attention more 😉

lazy dayMaybe it was the allure of the last book in a good series that kept me on the couch reading with my back to the dishes piled in the sink.

Our dryer has been broken for three weeks now. Not in a have to head to a laundromat kind of way, just a have to hit reset and start it over every 10 minutes kind of broken. The thought of having to do 11 loads of laundry yet again with this little added time suck made me feel less then excited…so I skipped it.

The Cowboy hit the road a day earlier than usual so, I fed The Cowkids sandwiches, chips, and ice cream for dinner.

We ate in front of the TV (a huge no no in our house) and watched Sing…which is one of my fav kids movies. I took it as a compliment that the Cowkids said that the pig (Rosita) character was “Totally you mom.” After all, she looks amazing for having 25 kids!

LittleMissH changed into about a dozen dresses and danced along to the movie while The Cowkids and I snuggled, giggled and stayed up well past bedtime.

Then I indulged and “rented”  La La Land (still doing fine with no satellite TV). So far so good. I’m looking forward to finishing it tonight after the Cowkids are asleep.

We went to church and the animal chores were done but, I ignored every other thing I should have done yesterday.

I knew all the work would be still waiting for me today and sometimes is nice to have a lazy day.

What do you do on your lazy days?




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