What’s Your Organization Style?

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This last Friday I gave a talk at the 22nd Annual Wyoming Women in Ag Symposium. The topic was organization, and I went room by room through my house and discussed ways that the attendees could realistically organize their homes. Before we got down to the nitty gritty details, I spent some time talking about how you need to learn your personal organization style before you can decide what to do to straighten up your home. I thought I would share a bit of my presentation with our readers, and I hope that it helps those of you that are feeling a need to organize get started!

First…What Does it mean to be organized?

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Being organized does not mean your house is always clean!

Being organized means that your daily life runs smoother. You can find the items you need quickly, your family is more self sufficient, and you have less overall stress. Being organized means that when it’s time to clean you can clean quickly, more effectively, and there is less mess overall.

To successfully become organized you need to know your strengths and weaknesses. There is NO point in fighting against the inevitable. A little change will stick, while a full blown makeover probably won’t!

Organizationally Speaking Who Are You?

Are You a Stacker?

  • Do you have little (or not so little) piles of items all over your house?
  • Can you usually find what you need after you sift through the junk?
  • Do you love to buy storage containers or reuse and re-purpose containers often?
  • Are you a creature of habit?



If You’re a Stacker

  • Work with it and put some of those containers to good use
  • Pay special attention to where in your house clutter and stacks collect
  • Organize in those specific areas first
  • Purge often (when the container is full stop and purge don’t buy more containers)


Are You a Hider?

  • If you don’t see it it’s not messy
  • If the door on the cabinet or closet closes it’s clean
  • You have a room where you put everything that doesn’t have a home, and shut the door
  • But…Your counter tops and tables are always clean of clutter


If You’re a Hider

  • Purge (if you haven’t used it in a year or more donate it)
  • Find a practical place for the things you use (you shove them in a room because they don’t have a spot)
  • Look for unique ways to store clutter (repurposed furniture like benches and wardrobes)
  • Set guidelines for your family and teach them to put things in their proper place


overwhelmed mom

Are You a Free Spirit?

  • There is no rhyme or reason to your “organization”
  • You are specifically known for your lack of organization
  • Your mess only bothers you when it has a negative impact on your family (like when your daughter is in tears because you can’t find her favorite sweater)
  • You’re open to trying anything new


If You’re a Free Spirit

  • Talk to your family about what they want to see happen (make them aware it’s their job too)
  • Purge (this is going to be a big project so set aside a whole weekend and finish an entire room before you move on to another)
  • Start small and stay consistent
  • Find what motivates you (make yourself clean for 30 minutes and THEN you can have that cookie)


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Some Quick Tips on How to Begin

  • Pick what makes you “twitch” the most and start there (channel that rage)
  • Schedule a time and put it in ink on the calendar
  • Move from one room to another
  • Hire a sitter if you’re kids aren’t old enough to help
  • Give your family notice and teach them your new organization routine
  • Plan a yearly purging schedule and stick with it (after birthdays and holidays are good times)
  • Reward yourself when you’re done (but not with a shopping spree lol)


What is your organization style, and what do you do to stay organized?

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One thought on "What’s Your Organization Style?"

  1. Bennie says:

    I think I might be a stacker. I tend to need to see things. If it’s out of sight it’s out of mind. I’ve bought food items for recipes only to realize I already had it in my cupboard. Ideally if I could do over my kitchen I think an open cupboard or glass doors would help me to stay more organized and/or not over buy stuff I already own. Also, I tend to keep some things out in the open (a recipe lying on my kitchen counter, a necklace kept in sight that needs to be repaired) to remind me I want/need to do something.

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