Trunk Club Unboxing: Spring 2019

Posted March 30, 2019 by Prairie Wife -

Even though there is currently snow on the ground, it is technically Spring in Wyoming.

For my most recent Trunk Club box I asked Madison (my stylist) for a pair of dress black pants and brighter colored blouses.

Watch and let me know what you think!

First sorry about the top of my head being cut off. By the time I noticed I was too far into the video to redo it…and how funny is it that I put my shirt on backward for the last segment lol!

I LOVED that dress with the slit and I am so happy she included two pairs of black pants for me to try on so I could pick my favorite.

The pink blouse is a keeper, but what about the orange cardigan?

The “house frau” dress was a for sure no…the shirt dress a maybe?

Can’t wait to hear what you think!

And if you want to try out Trunk Club please use this link and help a blogger out 😉


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